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    It has been argued before, however seems the subject has been dropped for reasons? However now we have easy access to the resources of both old and new La-Mulana, and I have come with an idea of how to implement Lemeza Kosugi in the cast.

    First of all, explanation on controls.
    Jump - What else would it do? Jump, of course! However he would suffer a bit from Simon's jumping, he can control his air horizontal movement a bit if he is not jumping straight up, and has full control ofhi air horizontal movement if jumping straight up.
    Fire - Uses his current Main Weapon. Simple as that.
    Select - Simply tapping Select will allow Lemeza to change Sub-Weapon.
    Special - Uses the current Sub-Weapon.

    In note, getting a mushroom won't upgrade his weapon nor allow him to take an extra hit, but will give him the Helmet (Which we will talk about later on).

    Next up we have his inventory. Lemeza plays like a combination of Metroid and Castlevania, and as such he has a variety of items that helps him in spelunking. However I have cut down his arsenal to the items he would better use here.

    His main weapon. Hits behind him, directly at the back of his head, and in front. Not much strong, but he cried so he could keep it (No, seriously, he did).

    The "upgraded weapon". Hits in an arc in front of Lemeza, chopping anything that tries to go over his head. It's quite slow, though

    (That's a Manji, guys!)
    Almost as fast as the whip, but considerably stronger after it has been activated. Nothing in front of Lemeza will be safe, but still... What if they come from above or underneath?!

    Subweapons coming up now. Use your ammo wisely! You won't come up by them easily!

    Throwable ninja star. Goes in a straight line, but is quite weak. Capacity: 255

    Throwing Knife
    Rolls along the floor and blocks, can climb DOWN walls but can't climb UP walls. Oh, and tears through enemies too! Capacity: 128

    Throw it downwards through non-breakable blocks. Be careful to not dig a hole to your death! Capacity: 128

    Flare Gun
    Shoots upward, being an opposite to the Spear. Just... Don't get a Goomba to stomp you. This is not how things works. Capacity: 128

    IT'S A BLAST! It can blow up blocks and enemies, flies in an arc and can be rolled along the floor. Just be careful to not get caught into the explosion, or else... Oh, and explodes on contact with breakable blocks and enemies. Capacity: 32

    Who smuggled this here?! Anyway, should you find it, don't waste your precious six shots! You will only encounter this once per life and even so it is very rare to come by. Pierces through enemies.

    Angel Shield
    Blocks projectiles and stops advancement of some enemies, like Goombas, Koopas and Spinies... However don't go trying to block off a Bullet Bill. Bad idea, learned the hard way.

    Now comes the equipment.

    Increases weapon use speed, making a slow weapon like the Axe more useful.

    Grants the ability to double jump, though be careful to not carry momentum from a left/right jump.

    Grapple Claw
    Cling to walls! Like a Ninja! Except... You can't climb the walls or use double jump afterwards. Might be useful when you want to wait some enemies to pass by...

    Eye of Truth
    Is it the Illuminati? Joke aside, the Eye of Truth grants you the ability to see invisible blocks as a flickering or transparent block until you hit it. It also shows you the correct path in a certain maze.

    Use your head to destroy breakable blocks. Literally. Just jump head-first into them.

    Life Jewel
    Grants the ability for Lemeza to endure one more hit... Or two, or three... Yes, you can find up to three of these. They are rare to come by, so try not to get hurt anyways.

    For Skin ideas: 16/32-bit Lemeza from the La-Mulana Remake (Steam), Shorn Kosugi (in both 8-bit and 16/32-bit), Xelpud (in both 8-bit and 16/32-bit), Mulbruk, Lumisa Kosugi (La-Mulana 2 Demo), Popolon (Maze of Galious for MSX and the fan remake), Aphrodite (Maze of Galious for MSX and the fan remake).

    Map Skins could also be used: Gate of Guidance for Overworld, Temple of Moonlight for Underworld, Spring of the Sky for Water Levels and Dimensional Corridor for Castle.

    Enemies Skins would require a bit more of creativity, however.

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