Let's Play Metroid Fusion with Jay

Discussion in 'Exploding Rabbit' started by Jay, Jan 8, 2013.

  1. Franpa

    Franpa Level 3: Paratroopa

    you're meant to find the control room to unlock the red doors,
    it's located in the lower left!
  2. Rey D

    Rey D Level 12: Super Mod

    "Oh I remember this."
    Wow haha.

    "I don't know where to go."
    When it's about finding hidden paths you're smart, but you tend not to pay attention to layout element clues and changes.
  3. Faruga

    Faruga Level 12: Super Mod

    Egg sack, Lee.
  4. Jay

    Jay Level 13: ER Team

  5. Rey D

    Rey D Level 12: Super Mod

    Ha looks like you finally found the way.

    "That's crazy!"
    Haha I love how you missed the point of that upgrade.
  6. Franpa

    Franpa Level 3: Paratroopa

    Man, you took forever to try out the diffusion missiles. Also it's totally possible to go the long way back without getting diffusion missiles but it requires a super long chain of complex speed booster jumps, accomplishing it will unlock special dialog with the computer.

  7. Rey D

    Rey D Level 12: Super Mod

    I was pretty sure you couldn't go further this way and would need to go back to where the Diffusion Missiles are needed. Was I wrong?
  8. Franpa

    Franpa Level 3: Paratroopa

    I believe you need to unlock the red doors and then you can make your way to a navigation room without getting the diffusion missiles. Like I said though it requires a lot of painful speed booster maneuvering to pull off. There is a video on the page I linked to showing just how painful it is to accomplish.

    You need to maintain a Shine Spark from a certain location (Through multiple rooms) until you reach the area with the speed booster blocks that normally prevent you from escaping without getting diffusion missiles.
  9. Rey D

    Rey D Level 12: Super Mod

    According to this page (see bottom of the page), you still need the Diffusion Missile in order to actually progress.
  10. Franpa

    Franpa Level 3: Paratroopa

    Ah I misinterpreted what you wrote, yes of course you still need the upgrade to complete the game. Getting the upgrade however prevents you from seeing the secret message!
  11. Jay

    Jay Level 13: ER Team

  12. Rey D

    Rey D Level 12: Super Mod

    "What else am I supposed to do?"
    Haha you didn't consider exiting the room until shooting everywhere pointlessly for a little while.

    "I was supposed to wait over here?"
    Oh my... That face you did when you uncovered the ladder was so amusing.

    "Oh you can climb up here?"
    Oh... I see... Didn't realize you didn't actually realize haha.

    *Destroying the Wave Beam parasite*
    Wow those were really nice missile shots. Except for the one on the ground, of course.

    "Or maybe it's because I used the Power Bomb?"
    Yes sir.

    "Ok... What's the point of this room?"
    Farming on health and missiles.
  13. Faruga

    Faruga Level 12: Super Mod

    I was just waiting for you to comment on Ridley's screaming.
  14. Franpa

    Franpa Level 3: Paratroopa

    Yeah I noticed you didn't try bombing the roof (It's why they made the initial entrance/drop-through-the-ceiling in to that room look out of place btw) and when you did, you didn't notice the ladder straight away. Then when you left the room and returned you didn't notice the ladder was covered up again and continued on with the game assuming "magic" happened,

    Was both a little disturbing and also hilarious.

    Edit: Also now we are near the very end of the game. Screw Attack is the last major upgrade. If you go for 100% we might be here for a while, if you (unknowingly) proceed to the end game then it will probably take another 5 or 10 minutes to beat it.

    I'd like to see you do this again for Metroid Zero Mission as I seriously think you'd love it a heck of a lot more though some of the shine spark puzzles can be pretty retarded.
  15. Jay

    Jay Level 13: ER Team

  16. Rey D

    Rey D Level 12: Super Mod

    *Self-destruct station sequence activated, but still taking the time to go to a recharge room*
    I like that. I guess you thought you were about the fight the final instead of thinking you must escape.

    "Why is it helping me now?"
    Well I'm not sure what I was thinking back when I first beat the game, but I'm pretty sure I thought it was an alien species too dangerous for the X to let it go.
    Now that I know that there are different Metroid maturation forms, it makes sense that it's a Metroid which matured. Is it an Omega?

    "I read online that charging itsn't doing anything. It's a lot faster if you don't charge."
    ...Didn't know that.

    "It's an easy boss fight."
    It is true it is easy. The difficulty here is the knockback time which pushes the time you've got left before the self-destruction of the station. And the damage it does too, I guess.

    "I think I got a new suit, when I got that. ...Did I ?"
    ...Ooooooh! Nice catch I've never seen it!

    "Omega Metroid"
    Oh yeah it was an Omega.

    *Wondering if they explained how the Omega Metroid got there*
    Secret Metroid hatchlings that SA-X tried to destroy.

    "Why is it skipping?"
    Emulator issue.

    "Why was that boss so easy? That snake boss."
    I tried beating it with Charge Beam the other day and I emit the hypothesis that it takes less damage in water and more in air. Only an hypothesis, though.

    In the Youtube comments, "Ethan Guysman" says:
    "she doesn't get bulrry you just hit her to fast"
    which is probably true, since I don't remember any blurrying fighting it.

    Anyway, thanks for the interesting and entertaining "Let's Play", although I'm not sure if it can named as such.
    Thank you, and... Um yeah, that's all.
  17. Franpa

    Franpa Level 3: Paratroopa

    You get Samus's regular Power Armor when you collect the SA-X. It's why it doesn't look gay. Also the Omega Metroid almost killing both SA-X and yourself in a single swipe is a pretty good indicator that it is the bigger threat to SA-X then you are. When you and SA-X combine you can then over power the Omega Metroid.
  18. Faruga

    Faruga Level 12: Super Mod

    I remember the first time I beat the OM. I beat it just in time, and the timer reached zero when the beaming thing was already coming out of the ship.
  19. Franpa

    Franpa Level 3: Paratroopa

    Also that "Glitch"? That's Samus being surprised by the AI ending its last message with exact details on how to foil the plans of the military or whatever. Pay more attention when reading!
  20. Jay, you cut your hair! D: What happened?

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