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    Hello again, I would like to ask if you guys could add in the VS Super Mario Bros Arcade Game to the Crossover.

    "Okay, wait a minute, He didn't ask what I think he did, did he?" I am not joking on this. Let's go back in time to where the NES is about to enter the market. Nintendo had created a unique take of the Famicom for arcade owners. It comes in either the "Red Tent Dual-System" or a Upright "Linkable Uni-system." Nintendo allowed arcade owners to convert their Popeyes, Donkey Kongs, and Mario Bros machines through a kit that allows them to turn said machines into VS System Machines! But when the NES took off with supersonic success, they had to make an arcade version that is like a remix between Super Mario Brothers and The Lost Levels (Which the latter did not make it to the states because of the brutal difficulty.)

    Lo and behold said remix, VS Super Mario Brothers. A More Challenging Remix that introduced some of the levels of the Lost Levels to us American Gamers.

    Here's a List of changes that Nintendo made for this edition:
    In the original Super Mario Brothers, some of the levels repeat by having an "Easier" version of said levels in the early parts of the game and the "Harder" ones come up Later onwards. In This remix, The Harder versions of the specific levels are the only ones there so that the new levels can make their way in.

    The Warp Zones can only take you up to World Six so that you can't skip the really challenging levels that lies ahead.

    The coin counter in this now have three digits instead of two, Meaning (Depending on Operator settings) Our heroes may have to collect either 150, 200 or even 250 coins in order to get an extra life.

    Many ? Blocks are either moved to Harder-to-Reach Locations or removed all together,

    The Majority of the 1UP Mushrooms are removed leaving only the invisible ones remaining.

    If you want proof then get the VS Super Mario Bros GoodNES Rom (Can't Tell You Where) and Apply This Patch to said GoodNES Rom in order to make it work on your home console and/or Retroarch. Then play it to see for yourself. And here is the MarioWiki Article about this arcade game.

    I hope you guys can add in this level pack and the features I mentioned into the game and it should be rather easy to port. It's the Easy and Hard Modes that could give you some trouble making. Thank you guys very much and until next time... [Continue?]
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    This has undoubtedly been talked about before.
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    Oh... I'm sorry about that. You guys don't have to do it but it would be nice if it was a planned level pack. It was just a thought...
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