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Link, from The Legend of Zelda, is a playable character in Super Mario Bros. Crossover.

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    This thread is specifically for the in depth discussion of Link in Super Mario Bros. Crossover. Feel free to post hints, tips, tricks, ideas, suggestions, impressions, etc.

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    Official Comment From Jay Regarding Link
    Why isn't Link from Zelda II in the game??

    A lot of people probably don't agree with me, but I think Zelda 2 Link is a bad idea for a character. I've played the game as both Zelda 2 Link and Zelda 1 Link. Before I put in Zelda 1 Link, I was worried about Link as a character because he was boring compared to everyone else. He couldn't do anything unique, and he was the character I played the least as. But then I put Zelda 1 Link in and everything changed. I was relieved.

    The following is a list of why I think Zelda 2 Link is a bad choice for a character and Zelda 1 Link is better. This is just my opinion, so there is no reason to be offended, but I actually feel pretty strongly about this.

    Zelda 2 Link:
    • There isn't anything he does that makes him unique (besides upward and downward thrust).
    • He has a very short attack range.
    • His sprites are ugly.
    • His shooting sword looks and sounds stupid, moves slowly, and has a short range.
    • He has to crouch to hit every short enemy, and that combined with his short attack range makes hitting enemies annoying.
    • His controls are slippery.
    • His jump is low and it makes him look like he has to take a shit.
    • He doesn't have any interesting items or magic.
    • When I tried to save him by giving him a boomerang, it just flew over the enemies and I couldn't throw it straight down because down makes him crouch.
    Zelda 1 Link:
    • His sprites look cool.
    • He can attack in four directions.
    • Downward and upward thrust are a natural extension to his moveset.
    • His shooting sword is long range, looks awesome, and is possibly the best sound effect ever in a video game.
    • He's small, which makes him unique and makes it easy to hit enemies.
    • His boomerang is badass.
    • He has tons of other awesome items that I haven't put in yet.
    • His attack range is short, but not as annoying, and enemies can be stunned for easy attacking.
    • Playing as a small character that can kick the shit out of everyone makes me feel awesome.
    • He's classic.
    • The Legend of Zelda is my favorite Nintendo game. (not a reason... just saying)
    That was weird. I usually don't write long posts. But for real, I think Zelda 2 Link would be a boring character. I don't see any reason for putting him in the game besides the fact that he was in a side scroller and the other Link wasn't, but I don't think that's a good reason.
  2. bnjay29

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    So has anyone else thought of optional weapons for Link to use? To add some more variety? For example he can use arrows for a damaging special button move, but in return he would have to collect ammo. Or bombs which can cause major damage but have the downside of a fuse before the explosion.
  3. pokemondream

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    it sounds epic but what would it replace sword or boomerang
  4. sbq92

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    I would suggest boomerang. Taking away Link's sword would be weird, but the boomerang would act as a special weapon like all the other special weapons, and thus it would be one weapon to choose among several.
  5. Rey D

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    I feel like weak when I play with Link, cause his sword is short range. I also often touch the ennemies instead of downward-thrusting'em. Not a problem with common ennemies, but it is when ya're fighting Bowser. I know I'm pretty bad as a gamer. Isn't there any tricks to know when playing as him?
  6. aliceandsven

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    Downward Thrusting: Make sure you hit the center of an enemy with the sword, otherwise it will miss and you will just fall on the enemy.

    This does not apply to Bowser. You can kill Bowser in a matter of seconds by DTing his HEAD while you're underneath the floating platform. Approach him by stunning him with the boomerang, jump and DT onto his head. With good timing you can wedge yourself between the platform and his head.

    Video of 1-4 as an example:

  7. uglyrodent

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    I completely misread A&S's post. Derp.

    So anyway...I like Link. I feel the boomerang is a really original mechanic that makes him extra unique.
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  8. Rey D

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    Yeah, I know this. But I can hardly do this. I tried many times, but the boomerang did not stun him enough to let me go without being killed. I did do that trick, but it wasn't on purpose.
  9. aliceandsven

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    Stun him over and over again until you're used to how long he gets stunned for. Practice makes perfect
  10. Mitewing

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    Does anyone feel that giving Link a dash attack is a good idea?
  11. Rey D

    Rey D Level 12: Super Mod

    What do you mean by dash attack? Link's only attack is thrusting and you actually can thrust after having walked. So, how would you perform a dash attack?
  12. bnjay29

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    He is probably referring to the pegasus boots from A Link to the Past. It allows you to charge at enemies, with sword extended at fast speed.
  13. Rey D

    Rey D Level 12: Super Mod

    I see. it's somewhat interesting. It will allow you to go through hords of common ennemies without getting hit. It could also allow you to pass small gaps! And also allow you to fall in a pit if you don't stop at the right time. Kinda cool.
  14. sbq92

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    Hmm... It would be cool, but plowing through enemies is super broken, and it would mess with the challenge of speedruns. Perhaps Link could sort of bounce off of an enemy once it's hit rather than plowing through them, even if it kills the enemy.

    However, there is also the fact that the Pegasus Boots weren't in the original game, so they should probably not be in this game. Link is already quite good, he just needs a few more of his weapons/items and he'll be set.
  15. Mitewing

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    You are correct. I think the enemies could chase you after stunning them to give it a disadvantage.
  16. Mitewing

    Mitewing Level 9: Spike Top

    You're probably right. We just need his bombs and bow/arrows.
  17. bnjay29

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    Or maybe his magical shield to deflect certain firey attacks at the user....:-P J/P
  18. Rey D

    Rey D Level 12: Super Mod

    You're right. I know Pegasus Boots weren't in the original game, so weren't spike tops. However, I will just wait Jay's badass ideas to improve or not improve Link.
    I wonder what kind of skins he's gonna have.
  19. MDK

    MDK Level 1: Goomba

    Referring to the above post from the Bill thread, might it be an idea to have a random inventory item appear in place of the Fire Flower in corresponding blocks? And when I say that, I mean the actual item sprite appearing in place of the flower. It'd mean that item would take the place of whatever is currently occupying the special button (normally the boomerang), but it'd also mean being able to use bombs and arrows or even the magic wand if you prefer. And in certain obvious cases, it'd warrant ammo drops from enemies.

    It could add a fun wild card factor to Link's gameplay - I personally think that adding an inventory to Link's mechanics would overpower him a tad, and in any case, most people would stick to one or two particular items and neglect others, so the random power-up feature could spice up his gameplay. That's just me though.
  20. Zunar

    Zunar Level 5: Spiny

    If Zelda 2 Link were ever implemented, my idea is, to select him, put your cursor over Link and press the Special button. He would then change to Zelda 2 Link (and back if done again).

    The randomizer thing would be pretty cool, but here's what I think. There would be an inventory space implemented, but you would gain special items as you progress through the game (i.e. you get a new item when you beat a castle). Here's a list:
    World 1 - Boomerang
    World 2 - Magical Boomerang
    World 3 - Bombs
    World 4 - Bow & Arrows
    World 5 - Silver Arrows
    World 6 - Magic Wand
    World 7 - Red Candle
    World 8 - Magic Book (upgrades Magic Wand)

    This system could also be used in a different way. Link's special attack would vary depending on what world he is in. The above system could be used, or a different one could be.
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