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Link, from The Legend of Zelda, is a playable character in Super Mario Bros. Crossover.

  1. Rey D

    Rey D Level 12: Super Mod

    Link from Zelda II has a ... a "sword" that is very very short and its magic shot does not go very far. Bill can also shoot goombas while jumping, but Link's downward thrust is not an easy task with his slippery controls. I guess that was Jay's point of view.

    But I did not understand the second part.
    Grabing a mushroom to stay small? So your idea is to become small with mushroom? So the mushroom that makes Mario bigger would make Link become small?
    Mario grows in size when picking fireflower? Is that so? He is at his maximum height with the mushroom, right?
  2. mitsymckenzie777

    mitsymckenzie777 Level 6: Lakitu

    Only thing I don't get mainly when it comes to Jay. I just think this is weird but not something that really makes me mad,think badly of him or anything like that. But I mean Mega Man's jump a lot of people wanted it back but the a lot didn't want it back. I'm not sure so don't quote me on it cause I may most likely be wrong but...

    I think Jay may have said he didn't want Mega Mans jump to be higher because it made him too strong or whatever. If he didn't like I said I don't know if I'm correct. But if this was the case it could have been returned because of difficulty reasons like using Mega Man could not beat the game or if that's not the case which I'm pretty sure it wasn't because the jump issue is optional where he has classic high jump and his now default low jump. I know how does this pertain to Link in any way?

    Well if I'm right about the Mega Man issue then not to insult him or anything Jay caved. On the other hand the issue of Link. With the amount of people that like Zelda 2 Link which I don't know if the amount of supporters was 1 as large. 2 If any old supporters have left the forums or new ones have joined. 3 How the topic has changed as far as suggestions such as obvious ones as making two Link's such as 2 being a skin or a separate character altogether. Unusual ones like Link shrinking from the mushroom which I find kind of Twilight Zonish or Alice in Wonderlandish. But whichever movie example I used you go by doesn't matter neither if you have your own. But it still seems weird the shrinking mushroom? This ain't New Super Mario Bros. Crossover silly LOL!
    Or how my suggestion may have changed it but obviously it seems better to give Zelda 2 Link magic to try to even him out it could work I mean Zelda 1 Link would still remain and the possibility of both having signature menus. Weapons for little Link and Magic for big Link. It could be awesome and add even more to the game. But then again we can't control Jay and it don't change the fact that the man is more awesome to me and probably the rest of the forum than the other rabbit man... Or should I say bunny man Hugh Hefner.

    I'm just surprised Jay caved to the Mega Man jump whether I was right or wrong about his opinion on it and hasn't gave the Zelda 2 fans what they want.

    Yea true but my only question is would rupees be for both bombs and arrows? Also it wouldn't affect the wand,red candle and boomerang would it? I mean sure they would maybe overpower Link but I'd prefer the wand play like Zelda1.

    And finally when searching for the post I quoted I saw the You Tube video of Song of Time I posted was smaller. How do you do that? I would find it useful so if I use a video for sound reasons only they could be easily made compact that way it will save time for the moderators.
  3. Scorpion42

    Scorpion42 Level 6: Lakitu

    Well, faithful controls have never been a big issue to Jay apparently. Note how Castlevania used controls opposite of Super Mario Bros (Not to mention Simon's new easy jump), and Sophia's wall-climbing abilities has been significantly increased. I don't see why Jay wouldn't fix Link's as well.

    Note the "not" between "tried" and "to." I guess "tried to avoid" would've been a better choice of wording, but still.

    Oh yeah. That was a typo. I meant mushroom.

    Jay implemented the low jump to make Mega Man more authentic. You can always activate the high jump in the cheats menu.

    I don't care in which way Zelda 2 Link gets implemented. As long as he gets in I'm happy.

    In my system you'd have to buy stuff from Toads using rupees acquired from killing monsters. Items you don't buy in The Legend of Zelda you'd get by grabbing mushrooms and fireflowers.
    Tell me, does the enemies in TLOZ drop anything but rupees?
  4. Rey D

    Rey D Level 12: Super Mod

    You're right. I wonder what Jay thinks about including Link from Zelda II, if his mind changed since the beginning.

    I can't find the exact quote, but it was something like:
    "I hate people who say Uh/Um on the internet. IT's SO FUCKING ANNOYING! GAAH!"
    No offense, just funny fact.

    So... you disliked the fact that he tried to avoid mushrooms that make him big? I'm sorry I'm not the best at understanding.
  5. Scorpion42

    Scorpion42 Level 6: Lakitu

    Oh shit, so do I.

    Well, do you avoid mushrooms when playing as Mario? It makes you bigger and easier to hit, but everyone does it anyway. I just don't see the big difference with Link and thus don't think it's a legit argument against him.
  6. mitsymckenzie777

    mitsymckenzie777 Level 6: Lakitu

    OK it sounds cool I guess but. The idea of an in game shop for Link could lead to a hell of a lot more programing for Jay as far as programming how many rupees go toward each weapon. The controversial idea that may come up of if the items can be skipped to save rupees for more expensive items or if used for ammo to save arrows for people who are in contempt with the bow.

    But the rupees would be good for ammo if Jay wants universal ammo for weapons that use it. Then again to keep Link from being too strong example using bombs to blow every thing to smithereens. In that case a more complicated random ammo system could work arrows if weaker could be more common then bombs if stronger would be rare drops. The wand perhaps is the most controversial weapon though because of the fact it will transform Link from this.

    Downward thrust mother fucker!!! ;)
    To this

    Hasta la vista Motherfucker!!!:cool:
    Unless there are limits such as ammo/magic meter for the wand. But that would not be accurate to the original LoZ which had no magic meter or ammo sprites for the wand. So my idea comes from the following quote.

    First the boomerang for SMBC purist not my necessarily my opinion but...

    It's always been a starting weapon. Then again magical boomerang is a power up from either the mushroom or flower I forget though. So to keep from changing Link's starting abilities these two would always be available. My variation of this idea is after beating...

    World 1-4 Bow and Wooden Arrows.
    Strength would be about equal to the sword beam. But would be limited to ammo.
    World 2-4 I know this is weird but. Bait
    Link could throw it in kind of a Hammer Bros. style though it would obviously not be a weapon but more of a support item. Only one piece could be thrown at a time till it vanishes after a few seconds to a full minute or is off screen but...

    The effects could be both positive or negative and are the following.
    Goombas- Would swarm the bait.
    Koopa normal red or green - would swarm the bait.
    Parakoopa- Would swarm in a dive bomb style toward the bait.
    Buzzy Beatles- Would swarm the bait.
    Hammer Bros.- Would become angry in SMBLL style or like if you sit and wait for them to come after you in SMB.
    Bullet Bill- No effect.
    Podoboo/Fire Balls that come out of holes- No effect.
    Fire bars/sticks or what ever they are called- No effect
    Cheep Cheeps water syle- Would slowly move toward it at normal speed and pass it as if they were to take a bite and leave but would continue to the left as normally till off the screen.
    Bloobers- Would swarm the bait in similar style of Parakoopas.
    Bowser- No effect bait would disappear immediately if it hits Bowser as if eaten still with no effect to his actions.
    Spike Tops- Hey if Jay agrees they go in they're shells and swarm Link at normal kicked shell speed until bait vanishes. LMAOMF!!!:D If not no effect. But I'm serious about that swarming Link idea for people who think they can make extremely hard mode easier by tricking Spike Tops it's just up to Jay if he even considers the bait as a useful weapon/usable item.
    World 3-4 Bomb.
    Second most powerful weapon but extremely limited by range and response time. Slightly more powerful than Wand. Limited by ammo unless rupees are used as universal ammo bombs would be a rare drop.
    World 4-4 Candle.
    Starting weapon after 4-4 if green and mushroom pick-up Blue Candle can only use once per stage. Flower pick-up would be Red Candle unlimited use if used once or more before loosing flower Blue would be useless until next stage. Limited by range. Fourth most powerful weapon slightly more powerful than Silver Arrows.
    World 5-4 Wand.
    Third most powerful weapon unlimited. Slightly more powerful than Candle.
    World 6-4 Silver Arrows.
    Fifth most powerful weapon slightly more powerful than Wooden Arrows only available after flower pick-up when choosing Bow. Limited to ammo. Logic would say put this before the over powered Wand but World 5 is often skipped by speed runners if warp zones are used will explain why this matters at end of post.
    World 7-4 Book of Magic.
    Would upgrade the Wand if speedy don't skip 5-4. Most powerful weapon that Link can use. slightly more powerful than Bomb. Must have flower pick-up to use.
    World 8-4 Triforce of Wisdom and Power.
    Question what has this ever done for Link as far as strength besides being an annoying sidequest or plot item? Hey here is the answer with the Triforce go to cheats use Triforce of Wisdom and Power cheat to start from beginning with all weapons received at your disposal. mushroom and flower pick-ups still required for some Weapons. Magical Boomerang,Red Candle,Silver Arrows and Book of Magic. Like I've said before if Jay uses my idea for this or any other idea suggested to Zelda 1 Link. Which is up to him cause SMBC is his creation. If NPC skins are added replacing Toad with the old man from Zelda 1 that give link the sword and Peach replaced with Zelda at the end of Worlds 1 through 7 link could hold the corresponding weapon/item over his head LoZ style. In world 8 Link would hold the Triforce of Power while Zelda holds the Triforce of Wisdom like at the end of LoZ. Note Link only has the Triforce of Power because the Triforce of Courage at the time I believe chronologically I could be wrong was in the Great Palace. Though I never paid much attention to the official timeline do to some if not most Zelda timeline fanatics are too sensitive. At least from what I've been told.

    Lastly I just want to explain a couple things and make an annoying request. I used spoilers to hide the effects of each recommended Item to make more room/less clutter and in case anyone does not like the headers for each weapon/item though I'd wish everyone would at least give them all at least one look. But it's up to the reader either way in the end.

    Then like I was saying some if not most speed runners have often skipped worlds via warp zones. So to make it a bit more desirable to complete all worlds I put the idea of some stronger weapons being put in worlds often skipped. And my recommendation is that to use all items period that all worlds are defeated. Even with the suggested cheat any skipped items in my view should not be listed on the item select screen or whatever Jay uses for item selection. Till the Item is picked up from it's corresponding world.

    Finally Zelda 2 Link if ever reintroduced as a separate/secret character whether through unlockable cheat or code such as I earlier suggested typing z e l d a as fast as possible after choosing Link or playing the Song of Time by right a down right a down or whatever on the black info screen that shows world lives and stuff.

    Or just choosing Link with special button as someone else suggested. At the end of the game when using NPC skins and saving Zelda. Link would then hold up the Triforce of Courage. Unlocking a cheat called Triforce of courage where he has access to all received spells. And I've been typing all day almost so this is it.

    Downward Thrust Motherfucker!!!
  7. Mitewing

    Mitewing Level 9: Spike Top

    I do know for a fact enemies occasionaly drop bombs in TLOZ because I recently started playing it again. I think they drop arrows as well. I believe that's how it should work. Just like Samus's and Sophia's missles.
  8. Scorpion42

    Scorpion42 Level 6: Lakitu

    Cost of weapons is probably the easiest part to program. Anyway my idea is not much harder to execute than any other on this thread.

    I just don't think there should be a specific order in which you get your stuff.

    I agree.
  9. sbq92

    sbq92 Level 9: Spike Top

    I really don't like the idea of a shop in SMBC. It's just not how SMB was designed. I know enemies don't drop items in SMB either, but a side-scroller is much better prepared to have enemies drop items than to include shops. Besides, SMBC is already set up for enemies to drop items, and enemies dropped items in LoZ anyway. They mainly just dropped bombs, but arrows could easily be included as well.
  10. Scorpion42

    Scorpion42 Level 6: Lakitu

    It wasn't designed for unlocking stuff either. Like Ninja Gaiden and Castlevania, everything you aquire is temporary, and is easily lost. Not only are the cheats (And your weapons system idea) unlockable, but they transcend between plays.

    In the original game you played until you turned the console of. If you lose all your lives you get a continue, and if you defeat Bowser on 8-4 you are presented with a new quest. But once you turn the console off, all progress is lost.

    In The Legend of Zelda you could save the game, a feature that several ports and remakes of older games have taken in themselves. Super Mario Bros. wasn't designed for that either, but you can still save in SMBC.

    What I'm saying is that game design is of no importance. You all say that breaking the game is the point of the game. Breaking the game breaks the game design too. The character was supposed to only be able to stomp enemies until they picked up a fireflower, but most do fine without.

    Yes, the enemies would drop rupees, bombs and (maybe) arrows.
  11. uglyrodent

    uglyrodent Level 9: Spike Top

    In the original LoZ, enemies do not drop arrows. There are, in fact, no such thing as "arrows" in that game as an item. Every time you shoot an arrow, you simply lose a rupee.
  12. Mitewing

    Mitewing Level 9: Spike Top

    That would be also be an good way to use arrows in the game and add some strategy to Link. Maybe each arrow would cost 5 coins to use. But I do know for a fact that bombs are dropped items and should be added the same way.
  13. Scorpion42

    Scorpion42 Level 6: Lakitu

    I just don't think we should substitute coins for rupees because they serve completely different purposes. As I said, have enemies drop rupees and bombs. That should work.
  14. Mitewing

    Mitewing Level 9: Spike Top

    It shouldn't matter if enemies drop rupees or the actual arrow icon. They'll both be used for the same thing.
  15. Scorpion42

    Scorpion42 Level 6: Lakitu

    Make it a skin! ;)
  16. link2000

    link2000 Level 0: Newbie

    when i am link i feel like iam going to beat the game sense link is beast.:)
  17. Rey D

    Rey D Level 12: Super Mod

    Do you mean "When I am Link, I feel like I am going to beat the game, since Link is (the) best." ? It would make a little bit more sense.
  18. Scorpion42

    Scorpion42 Level 6: Lakitu

    Link is a beast?

    Welcome to the forums.
  19. mitsymckenzie777

    mitsymckenzie777 Level 6: Lakitu

    Technically completing 8-4 unlocks hard mode aka second quest. Completing 8-4 in hard mode unlocks level select.
    Do you use coins to buy these things no. I guess a shop could work but it would be awkward.

    Thank you Link! But our Princess is in another castle... Oh yea before you go could I interest you in a deal! Save our Princess in style with a brand new bow and arrow for only 50 rupees!

    Plus how would the shops work over all as to the point of what weapons appear at World X-4 right? Plus even if they were hidden it would be just as weird as Sonic finding hidden Chaos Emeralds in SMBC.

    I have to agree with Scorpion42 on this one whether Link uses rupees or arrows for ammo. Coins should remain a means of gaining a 1up.
  20. Scorpion42

    Scorpion42 Level 6: Lakitu

    I'm sure I said Super Mario Bros. (Note the missing "Crossover" at the end) wasn't designed for unlocking things. Second, the Second Quest from Super Mario Bros. wasn't an unlock either, it was more of a New Game Plus.

    I know I sound crazy, but that's exactly what I was thinking.

    The items sold would be unaffected by which world you are on. If you bought something, it would be replaced by something else that you don't have (Not including bombs, obviously).

    It's just because I want as much stuff from the character's own game in SMBC as possible, but in ways that are similar to how you got the stuff in the original.

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