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Discussion in 'Features' started by silentshadowxp, Apr 3, 2012.

  1. silentshadowxp

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    I was thinking about how Link's swimming isn't very unique, and I came up with an idea for it. I know that there are swimming sprites in the skins, so there's probably already some ideas for how that can be changed. I don't know if those sprites can be incorporated into this idea, but what if Link swam like he walks in the Zelda games? In Zelda, up walks up, left walks left, right walks right, down walks down. It would be cool if he swam in the same style, and he wouldn't sink like other characters do. This would add a bit of Zelda nostalgia when while swimming, and would create a bit of a Zelda mode when the underwater cheat is turned on.
  2. Nitron_ZX

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    I believe that's how he swims in the GB(c) games, isn't it?
    I agree, it would be really neat, and could work nicely.
    though if there were more water levels, i would suggest he only be able to swim with flippers.
  3. Rey D

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    → Yeah that's probably related to Link's Awakening (because I don't remember having swum in Oracle of Seasons/Ages).

    But yeah, flippers. Zora stuff.
  4. Nitron_ZX

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    I believe there are a few scenes in ages/seasons. not nearly as many as awakening but there were a few side-scrolling parts. there's at least one for sure in seasons from that water town to north of said town.

    but this would certainly make Link a lot more fluid in...well, fluid. shouldn't be too hard to do, either. i think.
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