Verifying Lost Levels 7-2 Pipe Glitch

Discussion in 'Bugs' started by WhinyEntitledGamer, Jan 18, 2014.

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    In Lost Levels 7-2 (Normal and Easy, didn't check Hard), after entering the first pipe and returning to the main area, if you backtrack to the point just after the first pipe where the maze resets (you can tell because any shots/fireballs will disappear, and on Easy, previously collected coins will reappear) and then re-enter the pipe either right there or by moving right until you loop around, you'll enter the underground area via the exit pipe instead. This is fine for most characters, as it will push them out of the pipe, but poor Ryu and his skins get trapped in there as the game locks up and the status bar disappears.
    stuck in pipe.png
    (All game settings were default except for the controls and the cheats, because I had to use Level Select to go back to 7-2 after Kaede and Ryu locked the game up.)
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