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Discussion in 'Exploding Rabbit' started by Jay, Sep 13, 2010.

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    That was pretty awesome.

    I thought your shot composition was nice, it flowed well. And you did a great job editing. There wasn't one time where I thought a shot was too long or too short, though I bet you can find things wrong with it, as most every film maker can with their own films.

    This has inspired me to post some of the projects I've worked on, if I can find them.
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    You forgot to thank everyone who didn't stop and stare at you.
  4. I love how much i was reminded of looney tunes and billy quan

    i guess what i'm trying to say is, that i loved watching it.

    Billy quan was something I loved watching when I was growing up as a little boy


    after 4 watches. I still laugh when he writes not on the sign.
    that part is just epic!
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    → Well I think people did not really pay attention to it since it's kind of a "random" post by a "random" member.
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    First things first: I love this film. And I love that you've started to give us your perspective on your films via commentary. Many of us were waiting for this for a very long time. :)

    Now lets get into the subject matter. The reason why I think the drama in this film doesn't work well as "drama" is simply because 90% of the film is so damn, over the top funny that it's really difficult to take the "drama" seriously. And another important aspect is the fact that those "drama"-scenes have a cartoon-vibe to them. You can clearly see that in the way they are talking and in the music that's playing in the background during those scenes. They kinda remind me of scenes from the Scooby Doo cartoons for some reason. :D But to be honest, that actually adds to the comedy. It rounds up the overall cartoon-vibe of the film very well.

    As for your professor and the other film students not liking your film, I think the reason for that is pretty clear. First of all, subjective opinions are subjective opinions. Secondly, if you analyze the feedback they've given you, they've either clearly missed the point of your film, or you haven't explained your intentions for the film to them. "Two men are able to fly around, do some 'Liu Kang'-kicks, throw and catch sausages like shurikens... BUT HEY... THOSE KIDS ARE NOT KIDS!!!!!! THEY ARE TOO OLD!!!!!!", ... seriously? That's their argument? You can't use the same arguments that you might use for an intentionally realistic film like "Private James Ryan" on a clearly unrealistic, over the top film like "Ace Ventura". I don't know, maybe you've mentioned to them that you wanted to make it a little dramatic aswell, and they concentrated on that part... but nonetheless it should've been clear to them what this film is really about. If you would show this film to Jim Carrey, I'm sure he would love it.

    Anyway, I want to finish this post with a more general comment on "drama in comedy". In my opinion drama works in comedy the best, when both are either balanced, 50/50, or, if they are not balanced, when the film is long enough for people to really care about the characters. Comedy is very direct and hits you immediately, but drama needs more time to build up and is therefore not so easy to achieve in a short film. I'm trying to think of a film where both the comedy and the drama are equally strong... "Bruce Almighty" maybe, but even that one is not a perfect example.


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    I don't have anything else to add, besides that I adore how deep the 2nd part of that video is. Because it's one of those blabla that I like listening. And even more since I am an artist myself, so I'll get more thoughts about it. :D

    And I want to thank people on there who welcomed my art wholeheartly. I usually expect more feedback, I mean, a bit like the one I received for my Jay drawing avatar, but I can't imagine how I would be if you were people who would tell me to change the essence of my art. :)
    Give me more feedback about what I do wrong. :O

    So yeah~
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    Improvement, thanks for all the comments. I think you are spot on with most of your comments. I just thought I'd comment on this part specifically. In Hero Guy, my last film, I did a much better job of balancing the drama and comedy. Although far from perfect, it works much better than Lunch Fu. I'd say for my movies, I prefer making the balance about 75% comedy and 25% drama, maybe even higher on the comedy end. It would depend on the movie though and what I wanted to do with it, but I generally prefer extremely exaggerated scenarios.

    I think in my next movie I'd do much better, as I have lived much since then. Living life makes you a better artist (as long as you actually live and don't just hide).
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