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Discussion in 'Characters' started by Crownjo, Feb 23, 2012.

  1. TheomanZero

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    Luigi's SMB3 skin is actually an 8-bit devamp of his SMA4 sprites, since his NES SMB3 sprites are just recolors. It only makes sense that his gameplay also be based on SMA4, since his NES SMB3 gameplay is the same as Mario's.
    Of course, that's not what's really important here. What's really important is that having two characters with different gameplay is better than just one character with an extra skin, which is why Luigi's gameplay was based on Lost Levels in the first place.
  2. Omicron

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    Unless skins affected gameplay. But this is entirely up to Jay.

    But i still believe the Luigi from the Doki-Doki Panic conversion is the most characteristic in the series. Even though it's a terrible game.

    But this thread is for Mario, so. One of the main differences in SMB3 is the all-new air control code: instead of slowly veering to the sides, Mario has a strong acceleration and also turns mid-air to the direction you're going to instead of having different acceleration rates on each side.
  3. Crownjo

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    Mario All-Stars revamp came first before SMA4. SMA4 recolored his hands.
  4. TheomanZero

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    Obviously I want the new air control code as part of SMB3 mode.
    And Luigi was kind of floaty in SMA4, so his SMB3 mode physics could be based on that. Here's a video:

    EDIT: Actually, the SMA4 intro does a good job of showing the difference between Mario and Luigi's jump physics at the end. I'll post that here, too:

    Very well. I just brought up SMA4 because it was relevant to his gameplay.
  5. Crownjo

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    Even if SMB3 Mario is his own character. SMB3 Luigi as a skin can still play unique.
  6. TheomanZero

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    That's not how any skins work now. The only gameplay difference between skins right now is that Proto Man's shots are slightly lower than Mega Man's (maybe some of the Game Boy skins also have lower shots?), and that's a long way off from different jumping physics.
    Anyway, currently, Luigi is a separate character from Mario. Why shouldn't SMB3 Luigi get the same treatment?
  7. Crownjo

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    Because he would take up extra space on the select screen? At least TiagoDu doesn't think im hating on Luigi. So far TiagoDu and ReNeX has contributed to the topic properly.

    The way skins work can be upgraded in the future. Mostly this topic is on how SMB3 Mario would work rather then being negative and whining on how Luigi is being missed out.
  8. TheomanZero

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    Well, wouldn't having SMB3 Mario as a separate character rather than a cheat also take up extra space on the character screen?
    As far as I can tell, I want the same things you do, just implemented differently. Except for the issue of power-ups -- I really don't think Mario (and Luigi) should have anything more than the Fire Flower.
  9. Crownjo

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    Basically we are playing the real life game of Phoenix Wright.
  10. TiagoDu

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    Loled hard on this.
    Anyway, i'm fine with anything, i just wanna go grabbing shells around and bouncing off enemies.
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  11. Crownjo

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    That and throwing hammers at enemies.
  12. TheomanZero

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    This is a minor thing, but . . . perhaps SMB3 Mario should also climb vines SMB3 style? And be able to throw fireballs while on vines (I think he could in SMB3)?
  13. Crownjo

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    Maybe It's just climbing the vines isn't the same like in SMB3.

    Uh... Did he ever throw fireballs when he is climbing? I don't remember...
  14. TheomanZero

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    I am pretty much certain he could do it in SMA4, but I can't remember whether it was also in the original SMB3.
  15. Narematto

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    Hey, I agree with you, it would make more powerful Mario and Luigi.

    Hey, also for Zelda, I think a Zelda Super Mario crossover will come in three (maybe).

    A few additions I'd like (too):

    The decorations of Super Mario world.

    And all games of Mario in Super Mario crossover.

    Example: Super Mario 2 and Super Mario Bros 3 and if you want Super mario world.
  16. TiagoDu

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    Sorry, but wrong thread, look at the title
    Agree with first line, but the other are overneccessary (Mayve not SMW skins, but go to their respective threads to post, ok?)
  17. silentshadowxp

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    How did I miss this thread? Wasn't this back when me and you were discussing this? O.o

    Hammer suit, IMHO, would work just fine regardless of enemies that can be destroyed by it. Though I do see it being extremely useful against Spiketops. But really the main reason for having it is to spice up gameplay and make it feel different than always using fireballs.

    The tanooki suit or the raccoon tail should have the flight removed. It works perfectly fine with just the ability to slow your decent and act as a melee attack. If anyone has played the recent Mario 3D Land, this is exactly how it worked. There was no flight (it's ability to skip levels is overpowered anyways), but the rest of the abilities were in tact and it still felt REALLY good. Besides, it's one of the most iconic powerups in Mario games. Heck, it's one of the most iconic powerups of all games in general.

    Frog suit, while I hate it, would be a funny addition to the game.

    I also think the Boot should be a powerup, allowing you to jump on spiked enemies, as well as being an extra hit. As a powerup, this one definitely worked kind of cool because little Mario could wear it, super Mario could wear it, and a powered up Mario could wear it. Getting hit with it only lost the boot and not your other powerups.

    As for holding shells and such, I don't think this should be a cheat. It just would not look right having Mario 1 Mario holding shells. Besides, the current Mario 1 skins in the game don't even feature holding shells as an option like some other skins do.

    If anything should have been a cheat, I believe it should have been Lost Levels Luigi. All of his animations are exactly the same as Mario 1 Mario's, so having LL Luigi as a skin+cheat of Mario 1 Mario would have been perfectly fine. I mean, it would just be like having classic Samus and classic Simon as cheats, and it could even be unlocked right away like the two of those.

    This would free up the official Luigi space in the game for Mario 3 Luigi, who could then have Mario 3 Mario skins, and even Mario World skins (the cape could replace the tail, and Mario All-Stars 16-bit frog suit and hammer bros suit could be added to that, as well as yoshi replacing the boot.)

    I mean, there's no reason not to have Mario 3 Mario as a character. Crossover is all about adding characters to the game that were not originally in it. Mario 3 Mario fits the bill, and he would be so vastly different from the original Mario that he would make an awesome addition.

    Side note: Why should Mario 3 Mario and Luigi be different characters when they have no differences in gameplay? There's no "Luigi's getting stiffed" because they are the EXACT same. One should be a skin of the other. (Edit: I never played SMA4, but I personally feel it should go with the original feel of the character)

    Edit: Proof that Mario 1 Mario can't hold shells
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