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Discussion in 'Characters' started by blkry, Feb 16, 2012.

  1. blkry

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    I might've seen this on a few other threads, but I notice there wasn't too much in-depth info about it, so I decided to post one here. Anyways, here's what I'm thinking for the character:

    Proposed Suggestion:

    Music: (NES) (I'm still thinking of how the SNES version of it work, but would probably have stuff from Super Adventure Island. As for the Gameboy version, the soundtrack for Adventure Island 2/3 is more or less the same)

    Selected - Adventure Island 2 Stage Clear
    Overworld - Adventure Island 3 Coastal Clash or Adventure Island 2 Plains
    Underworld - Adventure Island 2 Caves
    Underwater - Adventure Island 2/3 Underwater
    Bridge - Adventure Island 2 Cliffs

    Peaks - Adventure Island 2/3 Forest
    Night - Adventure Island 3 Thunder Clash or Adventure Island 2/3 Dark Forest
    Castle - Adventure Island 2 Final Level or Adventure Island 2/3 Dark Forest
    Boss Battle - Adventure Island 2/3 Boss
    Entering Pipe - Adventure Island 2 Overworld
    Underground Bonus - Adventure Island 2 Bonus Area
    Sky Bonus - Adventure Island 2/3 Clouds
    Invincibility - Adventure Island 2/3 Invincibility
    Hurry! - Adventure Island 2 Eggplant (This repeating over and over again)
    Death - Adventure Island 2 Death
    Game Over - Adventure Island 2 Game Over
    Stage Clear - Adventure Island 2 Stage Clear
    Castle Clear - Adventure Island 2/3 Boss Defeated
    Ending - Adventure Island 2 Credits


    His Adventure Island 2/3/4 sprites (Almost identical). The "throwing" sprite would be if he were to throw an ax or a boomerang. If Gameboy sprite, then he would simply be grayscaled. If SNES sprite, it would have to be slightly custom as his Super Adventure Island sprite is significantly bigger than his NES sprite. If he gets hit, he'll trip. Also, like the Mario Brothers, Master Higgins can swim too.


    No Mushroom - Master Higgins cannot do anything OR Master Higgins can only throw axes. (Depending on if he's too underpowered as a "Small" form or not)
    Mushroom - Master Higgins can throw axes OR he can throw Boomerangs now OR both (Attack for the ax, special for boomerang)
    Fire Flower - Master Higgins goes on a dinosaur. The first three of these would probably work the best because a flying pterodactyl would make the game a bit broken. Red one breathes fire, blue one whacks some lightning from his tail. Purple one is perfect for water levels. They'd be symbolized by these cards.

    And no, I don't think the skateboard will fit in with Super Mario Bros.

    Here's a gameplay video (For anyone unfamiliar with Adventure Island).
  2. Powerstars

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    Great idea, we could have Wonder Boy as an alternate skin!
  3. blkry

    blkry Level 0: Newbie

    Yeah, I think that would be pretty great idea.

    And I could also stick with the "Adventure Island 1" Master Higgins (Along with making a AI 2/3 skin in case if anyone thinks the animal buddies are broken), meaning ...

    And as usual ... methinks that ...
    1. Small would mean that Master Higgins would be unable to fire anything. However, he can run like Mario and Luigi.
    2. Mushroom would mean that he would be able to fire out axes.
    3. Fire Flower would mean he would fire out rocks or something that are slightly stronger and faster.

    Also, I think the "Adventure Island 1" Master Higgins/Tom-Tom would be edited to swim so he could behave like the AI 2/3 one if underwater. Tom-Tom would be an available skin on the SNES Master Higgins.

    Songs (If corresponded to Adventure Island 1's soundtrack, I think that if Master Higgins was put in the game, that there should be an option to switch between soundtracks depending on the skin you choose.):

    Selected - Adventure Island Title
    Overworld - Adventure Island Stage 1-1 (And other main levels)
    Underworld/Underwater - Adventure Island Stage 1-3 (And other cave/temple levels)
    Bridge/Peaks - Adventure Island Stage 1-2 (And other beach levels)
    Night - Adventure Island Stage 4-2 (And other wasteland levels)
    Castle - Adventure Island Stage 1-4 (And other last levels of every world from that game)
    Boss Battle - Adventure Island Boss
    Entering Pipe - Adventure Island Title
    Sky Bonus/Underground Bonus/Invincibility - Adventure Island Invincibility
    Hurry! - Adventure Island Eggplant
    Death - Adventure Island Life Lost
    Game Over - Adventure Island Game Over
    Stage Clear - Adventure Island Stage Clear
    Castle Clear - Adventure Island Boss Defeated
    Ending - Adventure Island Ending

    Wonder Boy:

    Selected - Wonder Boy Title (I could only find a MIDI of it)
    Overworld/Underworld/Underwater/Bridge/Peaks/Night - Every Stage in Wonder Boy that's not a Boss Level (Unless if other Wonder Boy songs could be used as well, not too familiar with the Wonder Boy series though)
    Castle - Wonder Boy Boss Stages
    Boss Battle/Game Over/Hurry! - Wonder Boy Boss Battle
    Final Boss - Wonder Boy Boss Battle 2
    Entering Pipe - Wonder Boy Title (I could only find a MIDI of it)
    Sky Bonus/Underground Bonus/Invincibility - Wonder Boy Invincibility
    Death - Wonder Boy Death (I could only find a MIDI of it)
    Stage Clear/Castle Clear/Ending - Wonder Boy Stage Clear (I could only find a MIDI of it)

    Adventure Island 1 (NES)
    Wonder Boy (Sega Master System)

    If anyone can think of any other songs from the Wonderboy series that could fit, please let me know.

    Tom-Tom seems to have a similar problem to characters like Link ... they think that their name is the title of the game. XD
  4. Blasterott18

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    Why is this thread dead? Master Higgins is a great idea! My Ideas: Using the new power up system, he can find weapons and if luck a dinosaur. I think this dino should switch which one it is depending on the area. Red Dino: castles. Blue Dino: underwater. Pterodactyl: coin heavens. Green Rolling Dino: overworld. EDIT: Actually, I think if you have a dino, there should be a card for another whenever you change areas.

    HUGO_FUKT Level 0: Newbie

    I think that was a great idea. Because I want to use this character to play in SUPER MARIO BROS. CROSSOVER. But now it haven't got any replies... I hope the publisher can add the Master Higgins character in this game

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