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Discussion in 'Features' started by sbq92, Apr 2, 2012.

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    Okay, as awesome as it would be, I'm not necessarily requesting that Jay must put all weapons from MM1-6,9-10 in SMBC, but I'm wondering, if he were to do so, what would be a good method of incorporating them all in the game?

    One method I'm wondering is perhaps the Wily Tower method, where you select 8 different weapons from the entirety of the series, and 3 utilities from the entirety of the series. This selection process would likely be either in the main menu at the title screen, so you set it, and then it's set that way every time you play until you change it, or perhaps a selection menu would pop up the first time you select Mega Man/Bass in a playthrough, or perhaps it pops up every time you select Mega Man/Bass for the first time in a new world.

    I realize adding all of the weapons from the series would be pretty crazy, but it would add a lot of interesting variety to the game.

    What are you thoughts? And remember, this is meant to be a discussion about how such a thing could properly function in the game, not "Jay, plz make al teh weponz kthxbai".
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    I'm open to the idea of an options sub-menu for mega man and maybe other characters, to let them fine-tune their specifics (I don't understand why the classic options are in cheats...). Enable the weapon select menu out of game and then disable it during a run so that people can't just swap things in and out and they have to deal with their weapon selection.
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    I thought of another possibility for the feasible inclusion of all weapons. There could be an option on the main menu on the title screen to choose the set of weapons from a specific game. So, you could choose MM1-6,9-10, and perhaps SMBC, which would be the selection of weapons that are currently in the game, and perhaps even Random, which would give you 8 random weapons and 3 random utilities. This would be more limiting than choosing your own set of weapons, but it would also ensure all weapons actually get used. There are enough weapons that are sub-par that, if it were up to the player, they would rarely get chosen. If the player is forced to use a certain set of weapons, however, they would be somewhat forced to experiment with the weapon set they have chosen. For example, I would probably never choose Plant Barrier, but I would choose the MM6 weapon set, and I would therefore have Plant Barrier as an option, so I would likely try to find uses for it.

    I do think the Energy Balancer should always be included in the randomized power-up boxes, though. It's just too useful not to be included.
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    How about being able to select one weapon from each game. That way each game is still represented by a weapon, much as it is now. Also means you couldn't have both Metal Blade and Quick Boomerang.. for example.

    Course, I think some sort of random method would probably be the best. Bit unpredictable, but every weapon would at least be there for use at some point. I'd never select Spark Shock, but if it was there for me.. I might try to find some sort of use for it.
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    Limiting it to just one weapon per game would still make several weapons go unused, since every game has its powerhouses. I would still always choose Flame Blast over Plant Barrier, for example.

    I think specific weapon sets and a random option would be best. I do rather like the current set, though, so I still think it should be in the game as a set. :)

    The weapon sets are also more faithful to the series, since Mega Man always only ever had the weapons from the particular game available to him at one time.
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    I don't agree, I think I'd rather use another weapon from 6 over Flame blast. Everyone has preferences so all the weapons will be used. I know I don't like Metal Blade so I won't use it as much.
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    Well Flame Blast was just an example. I just think that out of the 65 weapons from the eight 8-bit games (6 in MM1, 8 in MM2-5,9, and 8+3 in MM10), there are many that would go largely unused, simply because in most cases there are better options (e.g., why choose Plant Barrier when you can choose Jewel Shield?). Even if you don't choose the best weapon from a particular game, you're still unlikely to pick the worst (unless you're intentionally challenging yourself, but most people likely wouldn't play that way).

    I'm simply trying to consider a way of "forcing" players to use certain weapons they may otherwise not use, so that it would be worth Jay's time to program them all. Sure, if they choose the Mega Man 5 set of weapons they may never use Water Wave*, but they will at least be limited enough that they may at least try to find some uses for it.

    I actually just thought of another reason why the weapon sets might work a bit better: the various differences in the utilities. There are a couple different Rush Jets, as well as Platform 2 and Super Arrow, there are two different Rush Coils, and there are the two Rush Adaptors from MM6. It seems that for the sake of the utilities, it would be best to at least lump them together into their respective games, since who would choose MM4-5,9-10 Rush Jet over the strictly superior MM3 Rush Jet?

    Water Wave is fun and interesting, but it's not particularly powerful in MM5. I saw a video once, though, that showed some evidence that it was intended to be more powerful in that all three waves were supposed to hit the enemy. When the hit frames were programmed, however, the waves hit faster than the enemy could be damaged, so we're now left with a single-hit Water Wave. Perhaps Jay could program Water Wave to function "properly"?
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    That's an interesting factoid!
  10. Captain Rizer

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    Don't you think it's time we show the other characters a little love?

    Megaman and Bass have the most stuff outta everybody its about time the other characters get some cool stuff too! Or we need a new character that like NEW.

    Not like from a game thats already included like Bass and Luigi... *cough*Rash*cough*
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    Oh yeah, new characters would be great. I do think it would be neat to have all of the 8-bit weapons available to Mega Man and Bass, though, since all the other characters get all of their weapons. It's not Mega Man's fault that he has more weapons than everyone else. :p

    This thread was designed for simply discussing the logistics of having all the weapons in the game, though, not simply requesting that it be done.
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    Holy...... I'm not alone!

    Hmmm.. quite the good point, that.

    That is quite interesting! I thought it was a decent enough weapon, though.. being able to absorb enemy shots as it traveled along its path was pretty unique at the time.
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  13. Captain Rizer

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    Well there are a lot of megaman powerups.

    And there isn't a lot of mushroom blocks in SMBC.

    It wouldn't balance out too well.
  14. sbq92

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    That's why I'm trying to figure out a way of making it work. It would be absurd to have Mega Man/Bass be able to collect all the weapons in one playthrough. It would make a lot more sense to have sets of weapons that will appear in the boxes.
  15. aliceandsven

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    There should be a Ninjas vs. Turtles update where Ryu gets the rest of his powers.

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