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  1. Lilfut

    Lilfut Level 7: Bloober

    And Bass should have a 10-only weapons set. I've never played 10, unfortunately, but it shouldn't be too hard to just have all 8 weapons and whatever transport items MM10 had.
  2. Faruga

    Faruga Level 12: Super Mod

    MM10 had Rush/Proto Coil, Rush/Proto Jet and Treble Boost. And as for weapons...
    The Thunder Wool is a cloud that moves up and strikes lightning.
    The Water Shield... you know it, right?
    The Solar Blaze (whatever it is) moves forwards a bit and shoots left and right (how do I describe it).
    The Chill Spike shoots a tiny bit of ice with gravity and, when it touches a wall/floor, it makes spikes.
    The Nitro Blade (what is it again?) looks like the Metal Blade, has gravity and climbs up walls.
    The Commando Bomb looks like the Crash Bomb, can be turned twice and explodes on contact with a wall/floor.
    The Triple Blade shoots three blades (up on the ground, down in the air).
    The Strike Ball (I can't remember) bounces around for a while.
  3. Lilfut

    Lilfut Level 7: Bloober

    Sounds like a good weapons set to me.
  4. Nitron_ZX

    Nitron_ZX Level 5: Spiny

    here's a more in-depth description of the weapons:

    -water shield is already in SMBC so that doesn't need explaining

    -thunder wool, goes up and forward (about 2-3 blocks IIRC) slowly in a somewhat J-looking arc, before spurting a lightning bolt directly downward. if the cloud itself hits anything first, it dissipates and cancels out the lightning, doing much less damage.

    -solar blaze is kind of an explosive. it throws a small floating grenade-like object forward a fixed distance at megaman's level, before either exploding on impact or a few seconds after launch. the explosion manifests in what looks very similar to that wave thing that Fireman uses in MM1, and it explodes from both horizontal directions from the projectile. it doesn't pierce by the way. an advanced strategy involving this weapon is to, after the weapon hits, switch weapons to cancel it's animation, swtich back and fire again, as this weapon is powerful and can pile up damage fast this way.

    -chill pretty much that. not much more can be said about it, though it can freeze enemies if you hit them with the initial attack (not the spikes) (you cannot stand on frozen enemies - they still hurt you) and the spikes, while not insta-kill, do heavy damage if you can lure the enemy into hitting them. they (obviously, lol) don't hurt mega himself. this weapon also kills the rolling floor things, so this would probably be armour-piercing.

    -Wheel Cutter is closer to bubble lead than metal blade in effectiveness. once fired, it stays on mega's arm as long as you hold the button, allowing him to climb walls. once the button is released, it drops to the floor and begins following the floor forward.

    -Commando bomb is as mario-fan said. it's not effected by gravity and it remote controlled to change directions twice midair. upon contact with a surface, it explodes, sending shockwaves a small distance across the surface it impacted. if it hits an enemy directly, it does less damage and doesn't emit shockwaves. this weapon is better aimed directly beside an enemy than a direct hit.

    Triple Blade is a spread weapon. it fires one blade directly forward, one at 45 degrees up if on the ground, and down if in the air, and one more blade halfway in-between. each projectile is average on its own but due to the nature of this weapon it can be "Shotgunned" if fired exceptionally close to the enemy to hit them for three times damage (since all three projectiles hit at once. especially effective against bosses.)

    -Strike ball is an aimable weapon that can be aimed in three directions: straight forward, or up/down 45 degrees. this weapon ricochets diagonally off walls (always diagonal regardless of angle of fire) and gets progressively stronger with more ricochets. it does not bounce off enemies.

    and that's that, if I'm not forgetting anything. also a side note, Bass's buster is changed to be the same as megamans while treble has been called down but not fused with, in the same manner that one can fire while rush is on screen. this alternate buster is not aimable and does the same damage as megaman's buster, effectively acting exactly the same.
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  5. sbq92

    sbq92 Level 9: Spike Top

    Implemented by means of having the Rock skins unable to charge or slide.
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