Might make Python Super Mario Crossover with Various Other Platformers added in.

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by JamesLeeMcKigney, Nov 15, 2015.

  1. JamesLeeMcKigney

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    Greetings everyone. My name is James Lee McKigney, since Adobe is going to scrap Flash, I think that this may be a good time to study the games, see how every character work, and when it's down to a science then I will make the Next level in Super Mario Crossover that I will call "Captain Video: The Game Master."

    ("Wait, you don't mean... he didn't mean what I think he meant did he?")

    Yes, I certainly did. When I learn Python, I will work hard into porting over the game into a new engine. Best of all, it will be portable with pygame and moding will be allowed through the WSM file type, much like the WAD. (WSM = "Where's Super Mario?") I can even expand the worlds with other Super Mario Game engines aside from the first one, and many other platformers.

    I know that I may be biting off more than I can chew but I will be diligent and learn all I can.

    I swear to abide by the rules and to be fair and to treat everybody as if they were me. I vow to be Excellent to everyone and continue the Legend that Exploding Rabbit had pulled off.
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  2. Faruga

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    As a fellow pygamer working on a platformer, I'd like to mention that if you need to get pixels off surfaces frequently (note: I store my levels in images), you really should use PixelArrays rather than the get_at function of surfaces. PixelArrays are ten times faster, and if you program like I did your game is going to have serious slowdown on less powerful computers. Sorry if this wasn't news to you.
  3. JamesLeeMcKigney

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    Thank you Faruga. I will enjoy my stay and I would like to use the level layouts for all types of SMB1 styled Games that is on the Current SMBC. Also, how do I make something like the WAD format?
  4. Faruga

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    I personally would be a lazy guy and use renamed zips. There's a built-in Python module for that.
    Also I feel like we should take the programming talk off public ER, someone's probably going to come in with a keyhammer.
  5. Jay

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    Good luck! :D
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