Request Moar game settings (damage and junk)

Discussion in 'Features' started by Ibiot, Feb 26, 2014.

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    I have been playing from the beginning and I have always thought something ever since 3.0...
    this game needs better settings... as in item appearance and junk. it just always annoyed me how little you can make your game. Especially when your pro at SMB and are trying to beat the game with classic Simon on. I always thought this game needed a few added settings.
    Super Weak Damage
    Super Strong Damage
    Super Mario Bros. Special Physics
    And keep all items when hit.

    Super weak and super strong damage is to be able to have either a hard but fair challenge... or... if your just another idiotic 3 year old who wants invincibility and water mode and bouncy pits and start with mushroo... you get the point. A idiotic 3 year old who doesn't want any challenge and not even have to have a chance to take damage and fly. (cough)3 year olds called modern Nintendo for white tanooki suits(cough)

    Super Mario Bros. Special Physics... I want to actually use characters and junk with CLOSE but more working controls... jump upwards a TINY bit slower and move half speed of walking

    And keep all items when hit... well... on Megaman... do you get hit once and loose EVERY powerup? Only hacked games... only hacked games... I'm just wondering if when you get hurt, if you could keep all of your powerups (not counting the mushroom) and yes, I mean all of them. also, I get there is a setting for this, but you do loose SOME powerups

    I always thought it was worth adding. the Super Mario Bros. Special physics isn't something I'm too crazy about, but it would be a neat addition if you ever decide to do it

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