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    I think we should let people that don't speak English enjoy Exploding Rabbit too, and by that, I mean adding closed captions to Jay's vids, and adding language links to the Wiki. I think Jay should be able to add languages to the Wiki because there's a few references to language links, like this. And yes, it's possible to add language links to YouTube vids by following these instructions:

    ... And remember to save it as a .srt!
    I can help you with the Dutch stuff.
    EDIT: Here's the English subtitles for :


    00:00:01,03 --> 00:00:06,95
    I was doing those playthroughs of Super Mario Bros. Crossover, the videos that everyone loved,

    00:00:07,01 --> 00:00:11,87
    and they said it was their favorite videos ever made, 'cause who wouldn't think that?

    00:00:12,14 --> 00:00:17,60
    They were masterpieces, works of art, and no-one can make a video better than those,

    00:00:18,56 --> 00:00:19,40
    except for ME!

    00:00:20,03 --> 00:00:23,97
    Mario, <changes voice to a more female voice> Mario, good luck. We're <ahem> we're counting on you.

    00:00:24,48 --> 00:00:28,62
    Whoa, what's that? What's that? WHOA! Whoa, I'm invincible. Yeah, shut up!

    00:00:29,82 --> 00:00:33,10
    Yeah, key! I got a f***in' key! UNGH! Throw it!

    00:00:33,81 --> 00:00:38,15
    Just don't break anything, oh ho ho ho! Merry Christmas!

    00:00:38,54 --> 00:00:39,93
    I'm f***in' Santa Claus!


    Paste everything from the first 1 to the final ! into WordPad, save it as a .srt and put it on YouTube!
    I took that video because it's short and easy to do. You can remove the censors in the final product if you like.

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