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    Since this topic is about music sets, if needed, I can make HQ remakes of any of the music, provided a good midi is situated, I am an arranger, I work with chiptunes on occasion

    Also sorry to those of you who may know or remember me, I lost my net access for a little over a year, in that time I practiced making chiptunes from midi's and minor art :p
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    I uploaded a demo of one of my recordings, if you wish to check it out here it is :p
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    Hmmm, okay so instead of the Player Select I had for my DuckTales Skin Set... I'm gonna replace it with this...

    I feel it fits more, besides the DuckTales 1 ver. is set to Entering Pipe as well so I needed some more variety and not just reuse songs.

    EDIT : So DuckTales 1 on the NES actually had an Invincibility theme...

    So we will use this instead of the one I lazily picked.
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    Really nice work.
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    It's from Puyo Puyo.
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    Thanks, I am making more music, sorry if I am late to reply :p
  11. Dimpsy

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    Mega Man (Game Gear) Music Set :
    Final Bowser
    Entering Pipe
    Underground Bonus
    Sky Bonus
    Stage Clear
    Castle Clear
    I know this may feel lazy of me for picking some rather odd choices, but it's because there was hardly any songs in the soundtrack. So eh...
    By the way, if the NES songs all are using NSF's to work in SMBC. And I can probably guess what's being used for the SNES songs, so what was used to add the GB and other Game Gear/Master System songs? (Haggle Man is actually using the soundtracks from the Ninja Gaiden games on Master System.)
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    Thing I'm actually too tired to describe at the moment so I'll just paste it quick before I start rambling
    Overworld - K.K. Adventure
    Underworld - K.K. Ska
    Underwater - K.K. Bossa
    Night - K.K. Milonga
    Bridge - Go K.K. Rider
    Peaks - K.K. March
    Tank - K.K. Western
    Castle - K.K. Dirge
    Bowser - K.K. Metal
    Final Bowser
    Entering Pipe
    Underground Bonus - K.K. Song
    Sky Bonus
    Hurry! - K.K. Metal
    Stage Clear
    Castle Clear
    Ending - Two Days Ago
    Don't fret not done yet goodnight
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    i saw everything
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  18. LC-DDM

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    So you all remember this thing I did, right?

    Well here's the music for him.

    Overworld - Mexican Desert
    Underworld - Cave
    Underwater - Up The Waterfall
    Night - Mexican Desert
    Bridge - German Train Tactics
    Peaks - France's Front Lines
    Castle - Underground Base
    Bowser - Boss Theme
    Final Bowser - Boss Theme
    Entering Pipe - Old Man's Story
    Underground Bonus - Warehouse
    Sky Bonus - Sky High
    Invincibility - Time Bomb Set
    Hurry! - Times of Danger
    Death - Element of Surprise
    Stage Clear - Corporal's Duty
    Castle Clear - Bravery & Courage
    Ending - Ending
    Selected - Title

    You'll find his original invincibility theme isn't the right one... that's because the NSF I have didn't have it, so I fixed it with the next best thing. He also doesn't have a death theme so...
  19. NES Boy

    NES Boy Level 3: Paratroopa

    Here's a character soundtrack for Sonic Pocket Adventure:

    Selected: Extra Life
    Overworld: Neo South Island Zone Act 1
    Underworld: Gigantic Angel Zone Act 1
    Underwater: Aquatic Relix Zone Act 2
    Night: Gigantic Angel Zone Act 2
    Bridge: Secret Plant Zone Act 2
    Peaks: Aquatic Relix Zone Act 1
    Tank: Aquatic Relix Zone Boss
    Castle: Aerobase Zone
    Bowser: Boss Battle
    Final Bowser: Last Utopia Zone
    Entering Pipe: Theme of Knuckles
    Underground Bonus: Comsic Casino Zone Act 1
    Sky Bonus: Chaotic Space Zone
    Invincibility: Invincibility
    Hurry!: Gigantic Angel Zone Boss
    Game Over: Game Over
    Stage Clear: Act Clear
    Castle Clear: Special Clear
    Ending: Credits
  20. Goomba98

    Goomba98 Level 3: Paratroopa

    For silentshadowxp's Yoshi's Island skin:
    Title Screen: Yoshi Island
    Character Select: Map Theme or maybe Training Course
    Character Selected: Game Start
    Death: Player Down
    Overworld: Flower Garden
    Underground: Underground Theme
    Underwater: Overworld Theme (I'd use the story theme, but there are music box noises)
    Night: Overworld Theme
    Bridge: Athletic Theme
    Peaks: Athletic Theme
    Castle: Castle & Fortress
    Bowser: Mini-Boss
    Final Bowser: Big Boss
    Enter Pipe: Training Course
    Underground Bonus: Powerful Infant
    Sky Bonus: Bonus Game
    Invincibility: Powerful Infant
    Hurry!: Big Boss
    Game Over: Game Over
    Stage Clear: Goal & Score
    Castle Clear: Big Boss Clear
    Ending: Luigi is Rescued followed by Ending Theme
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