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  1. sbq92

    sbq92 Level 9: Spike Top

    - Complete the game as fast as you can without warping, using a fully-powered character save file, and playing it level-by-level

    - Any character

    - Any difficulty

    Cheats Required:
    - Level Select (explained below)

    Cheats Allowed:
    - Classic Samus
    - Classic Simon
    - Infinite Time

    Setting Up:
    - Using the level select cheat, replay 1-1 repeatedly until your character is fully powered up, then return to 1-1 again and save the game
    - You will need to grind for ammo before you make the save file from which you will be starting your run, since a "fully-powered" character includes full ammo. You are not permitted to do any ammo grinding after the run has begun, though

    - This challenge allows the player to utilize all of the power-ups available to their character from the beginning
    - At the beginning of each level, save your game (then load it again in order to maximize your time playing the level, since it takes some time to save the game)
    -You play each level, one at a time and in order. You may only play each level once, with one exception: if you get hit or die, you must load your save file so that you can keep the power-ups. Under no other circumstances are you allowed to replay a level (until you have finished the challenge)
    - After you have played a level, record how long it took you. When you have completed every level (there are 32 levels), add up each of the times up to get your total

    Recording the Time:
    - Start your time counting from the moment the level card disappears
    - End your time counting at the moment you grab the flagpole or axe
    - Just to be clear, it's real time, not the in-game clock
    - Tip: If you're recording a video your playthrough, you can use the video playback as a timer, so however long the video took to get from the end of the level card to the beginning of the flagpole/axe, that's how long it took you :) (I would still recommend keeping time on your own, though, in case the video playback isn't perfect)

    For Extra Challenge:
    - You may extend each section to more than a single level. For example, you may want to time yourself per world, or per every two worlds, or even half the game. If this is the case, only save your game at the beginning of each section
    - Keep in mind, though, that you must go back to your last save if you get hit or die, so extending the sections to more than a single level can make this a very difficult challenge
    - When recording time for a longer section, don't count level cards, flagpoles-->castles, or bridge falling/approaching Toad/Peach

    Other Notes:
    - Post your total time here in this thread, along with the character you used and the difficulty level, as well as any of the permitted cheats you used. If you use any cheats that aren't permitted, your run doesn't count
    - Feel free to record your runs and post those as well
    - This challenge gives you an opportunity to utilize special weapons as much as possible, so have fun with it! :)
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  2. roman6a

    roman6a Level 8: Hammer Bro

    THIS SOUNDS LIKE A GREAT IDEA.[/egoraptor's voice]

    man im SO totally going to play this speedrun challenge
    (also can i upload fully powered savefiles from every single character to use? like a download link to them, since they are just txt files and it's faster than configurating it every single time you want to retry with another character)
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  3. World 1-1

    World 1-1 Level 6: Lakitu

    Wait, you have to stop the time counting after beating every level, and start it again in the next level? I hope I got it wrong, because it would confuse everything. It should start when the W1-1 level card disappears and stop when taking the axe at W8-4.
  4. ZeroEdgeir

    ZeroEdgeir Level 4: Buzzy Beetle

    It's a pure speed run of JUST the level environments (with enemies included). This is different than the Ultimate Speed Run Challenge, where it is just start-to-finish as fast as possible.

    Here, it is a matter of, as one rule states, if you die, you reload your save at the start of the level (or section), and because you have to make that save each time, that would easily add an extra like what.... 20-30sec per level, alone.

    It's all about the level itself, and how quickly you can effectively navigate through the game and it's enemies, without being touched.

    I think if I go for this, it will be either Mega Man, Bass, or Link I use.
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  5. sbq92

    sbq92 Level 9: Spike Top

    The whole point is that you are supposed to be using all of your abilities, so if you get hit you have to restart the level. This is a different kind of speedrun. It's not your typical "run from 1-1 to 8-4 as fast as you can" kind of speedrun. Sure, you want to get through each individual level as fast as you can, but recording your time works differently. You still keep track of the time it took to get through each level and add it all up after you've completed all 32 levels. And remember, you must go through them in order.

    You are free to extend it to more than one level at a time, just remember if you get hit you go back to your previous save, which is from the beginning of your last block of time, however long you decide to make that. To keep it in line with the way it normally works, though, you should still stop the clock at the end of each level and start it up at the beginning of the next.

    I realize keeping track of this much time, with all the starts and stops, is a bit of work, but it shouldn't be too bad. I actually think an in-game timer (real time) could probably easily be added for speedrunning purposes, and you could set what it times (level cards, flagpoles/axes, etc.),
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