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    I want these power ups.
    Cape Feather- Using this feather, the Mario Bros. can get a cape and fly high into the air. 1000 points collected
    P-Balloon — If Mario or Luigi collects one of these, they will inflate like balloons and will be able to float in the air for a short time. No points collected upon collecting the item.
    Spring Mushroom A power-up that transforms Mario into Spring Mario, allowing Mario to bounce extremely high by pressing the [​IMG] with good timing. [​IMG]
    Rainbow Star A power-up that turns Mario into Rainbow Mario, thereby making him completely invincible for a short time. [​IMG]
    Boo Mushroom A mushroom that gives Mario the power of intangibility, and also allows him to float in the air with [​IMG] button taps. [​IMG]
    Bee Mushroom Allows Mario to fly for a short time when the [​IMG] button is held. [​IMG]
    Mini Mushroom Turns the player into mini form, or Mini Mario [​IMG]
    Propeller Mushroom Turns Mario into Propeller Mario, and gives him a short flight [​IMG]
    Penguin Suit Turns Mario into Penguin Mario, Mario can shoot iceballs and slide on his belly [​IMG]
    Ice Flower Turns Mario into Ice Mario, that can shoot iceballs. [​IMG]
    Poison Mushroom [​IMG] An item introduced in Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels. Although it acts like a Power-up when it's not, it's a poisonous item that could injure one of the Mario Bros.' Super or Fire form back to their standard form. While Mario or Luigi are already in their standard form, they would die if they get a Poison Mushroom.
    Raccoon Mario [​IMG] After using the Super Leaf, Mario will transform into Raccoon Mario. In this state, Mario can spin his tail to attack most enemies, and he can also fly for a short period of time after gaining enough speed.
    P-Wing [​IMG] The P-Wing looks and behaves similarly to the Raccoon Suit, but includes a large "P" on Mario's chest and allows for indefinite flight. After a level is cleared with this form, Mario will transform back into Raccoon Mario.
    Hammer Mario [​IMG] Upon obtaining the Hammer Suit, Mario will turn into Hammer Mario. In this state, Mario can defeat enemies by throwing hammers, and can shield himself from fireballs by using his shell, but cannot slide down hills.
    Frog Mario [​IMG] Mario will turn into Frog Mario after retrieving the Frog Suit. The Frog Suit allows Mario to swim much easier, but impedes his movement on land drastically.
    Tanooki Mario [​IMG] After obtaining the Tanooki Suit, Mario transforms into Tanooki Mario. Along with the abilities to fly and attack with his tail, Mario can turn into a statue to confuse his enemies for a short period of time.
    Shoe Mario [​IMG] Only obtainable in World 5-3 of the game, the Goomba's Shoe allows Mario to safely hop across dangerous objects and jump on spiky enemies, such as Piranha Plants and Spinies. It is obtained from attacking a Goomba hopping in the shoe from below. It is only found in this game with the exception of remakes
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    That would make Mario and Luigi more of a player-want character. lol But I can see the wave of "noyoucantdothis, hewontaddanythingnew, whyareyouevenasking" group of people coming soon.

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