Old School Games With Portal Guns

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    Old School Games With Portal Guns

    I think a lot of you here will have heard of Mari0, as this website very much for retro gamers. For those of you who haven't heard of it, ill explain. Its basically like mario and portal had a baby, its the original mario with a portal gun and you play through the 8 worlds as normal. There is also some portal based puzzle levels included to it incase your getting board of the original mario, theres lots more features so just search it up and take a look. I really advise getting it. Also theres s0nic run on the same engine :D.

    So back to the point, to anyone reading this I would love some more games like this, I already found Portal-Tetris... it sucked. But other than those three there are none more, I have searched all over the web but no success. I would love something like portal-metriod, or portal-castlenvania or one i would totally love, portal man (Thats mega man with a portal gun). Especially, Jay if your reading this we have all seen that you have the skill from your current games so it would be awesome if you could make something like this and I reckon would become as popular as smbc.

    For those of you who have made it this far, thanks for reading and if you have the skill, please do go out and make it.

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    I like that game.
  3. BaronVonCreeper

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    Yea its good

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