Request Options that are buried too deep in the menu structure during play

Discussion in 'Features' started by BTB, Oct 4, 2013.

  1. BTB

    BTB Level 5: Spiny

    Okay, so I imagine what most of us do before we play is set the options how we want, and then probably save them so we don't have to keep setting it up again every time we play. Some of us might even maintain multiple configuration files on our computers for different modes. In any case, most options are only going to be used/set when the game initially starts. There's only a handful that really need to be accessible on the fly during gameplay, which I suggest having present in the root structure:

    • Full Screen Mode (I don't want to have to go digging for this thing every time I have to pause and check AIM)

    • Change Character Skin

    • Change Map Skin

    And then there can be a link to the other options, along with your standard save/load/quit game.
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  2. Faruga

    Faruga Level 12: Super Mod

    Maybe a customizable speed dial thing?
  3. BTB

    BTB Level 5: Spiny

    Maybe. I honestly can't think of any other options that aren't just "set it and forget about it", though... 'cept the cheats, I suppose (but they're in their own sub-menu, anyhow).

    I try to suggest things that pose as little work as possible to the dev team because they're things I *really* want to see get implemented.

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