Duplicate Pit and Arthur on SMBC

Discussion in 'Characters' started by david lindo maldonado, Oct 9, 2012.

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  1. david lindo maldonado

    david lindo maldonado Level 2: Koopa

  2. Rey D

    Rey D Level 12: Super Mod

    Request threads for both these characters have already been created.
    I'll ask you to go on the apropriate threads if you want to DISCUSS how they could be implemented.

    I'll also add that you shouldn't post twice in a row. It is referred as "double-posting" and a simple trick to add content if the last post was yours, you can click on the edit button down your post.

    Thank you.

    And now I'll report the thread for it to be either closed or deleted.
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  3. uglyrodent

    uglyrodent Level 9: Spike Top

    Rey D summed it up pretty well, but I feel I should chime in.

    We aren't trying to bother or denounce you. We know you want the characters, but there are two things wrong with your methods.
    The first is that we already have threads dedicated to these characters that have a lot of discussion and planning. You are more than welcome to join them and add your own ideas. They can be found in the SMBC sub-forum, in the Characters section. I'd love to see more support for both of them to be added.
    The second is that we generally try not to discuss more than one character per thread. It gets confusing.

    So next time you want to request someone, first check to make sure there's no thread for them. And if there isn't, only mention one character per thread.

    And as Rey D said, posting numerous times in a row is frowned upon in most circumstances. When you post you should see an "Edit" button at the bottom of your post; clicking it will allow you to add more to the post without making a new one.

    If you do this stuff it makes everything neater and less chaotic :D
  4. Faruga

    Faruga Level 12: Super Mod

    Stop bothering him! jk
  5. aliceandsven

    aliceandsven Level 9: Spike Top

    it was on the first page directly under this thread:

    here's the thread for arthur, which you already posted in:

    The character forum is not a vote, or a poll. It's a place where people can discuss ideas on how to add the character. Once a character has a thread, they don't need any more threads. This is so that we can keep the forum clean and to make it easier for people to see all of the ideas for a character.

    If you tell us your primary language, someone else might be able to communicate this better.
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