Pit skin: Famicom Wings of Pegasus gameplay

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    According to the "Wings of Pegasus" entry on kidicaruswiki.org:

    Kid Icarus

    They appear in the Palace in the Sky in Pit's final battle with Medusa. In the American NES version, players had to simply direct which way the wings would take him (though the screen was always automatically scrolling to the right), though in the Japanese version, players had to repeatedly hit the jump button in order to keep Pit flying. These wings will never exhaust, though are still only usable in the last level.


    Kid Icarus: Of Myths and Monsters

    These wings allow Pit flight, but the button must be continuously pressed to keep him in the air.

    This ability could be added to the Pit skin to make him more unique from Samus and give him gameplay found in his games. I feel like the Famicom/GB version would work best. The code is probably similar to the Wing powerup for the Mario Bros. I haven't played either version so I'm not if it's similar or not.

    EDIT: Here's a video of the Famicom gameplay. It begins at 1:09:35.


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