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    :!::!::!::!::!::-3 WHY AREN'T THERE POKEMON SKINS! There should really be some! especially a Pichu, Pikachu, and Raichu sprite! Pichu is the original, when Pichu get mushroom, he turns into Pikachu, and When he gets a fire flower, he turns into Raichu! They all shoot lightning bolts! Raichu shoots small and short ranged bolts, Pikachu shoots bigger longer ranged bolts, and Raichu shots big bolts and bolts that go off screen! :) MAKE IT HAPPEN JAY!!!:!::!::!::!::!::!::!::!::!::!::!::!::!::!::!::!::!::!::!::!::!::!::!: |f||e||n||n||e||k||i||n| |a||n||d| |p||i||c||h||u|:!::!::!::!::!::!: |n||o||w|:!::!::!::!::!::-3:awesome:
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    Jay isn't actually the head of SMBC any more. @sbq92 (aka Blaine) is. So to correct your mistake,
    Most people's attitudes are going to be "MAKE YOUR OWN FRICKEN SKINS THEN", but to be fair, several skins have been made.
    I too feel Pokémon could use some representation, but Pokémon isn't an action game, at least not in the same way, which means lots of custom sprites.
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    I think SilentShadowXP made a Pikachu already.
    I still don't know if Pokemon skins can really work, though. What happens when you set music console to NES?
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    You get to listen to this gorgeous soundtrack:
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    How and where do I go to make my own skin? and can I use it on the game if I want?
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    Go to the wiki and find the base files. Edit them and post them here for feedback.
    No. The game requires certain configuration and quality standards so only the devs decide which skins are added.
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    Please refer to "Super Pika! Land" for better info.
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    Wow, that exists?
    I can see why I've never heard of it.
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