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What are the top 5 items you'd like SMBC's Link to have?

  1. Food

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  2. Bomb

  3. Bow / Arrows

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  4. Candles

  5. Clock

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  6. Compass

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  7. Key / Magical Key

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  8. Letter

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  9. Life Potion

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  10. Magical Rod / Book of Magic

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  11. Map

  12. Power Bracelet

  13. Raft

  14. Recorder

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  15. Rupies / Rupees

  16. Stepladder

  17. Triforce

  1. J Squared

    J Squared Level 7: Bloober

    The Legend of Zelda (LoZ) is where a legend was born. Let's briefly review what it is. It's an unforgettable childhood memory in the minds of millions. It's a staple of 80s culture, it defined a genre, and it has all the trappings of a classic. It's the launchpad for one of Nintendo's most successful and acclaimed franchises. It shifted the gaming world from password-based saves to battery-based saves. It created a character that has since come to be one of Nintendo's mascots. It's a golden game, being posted about by a golden name, that came in a golden cart in which you pursue golden pieces of a golden artifact created by golden gods to defeat a being once imprisoned in the Golden Land. Everything about this game is gold, and it's a game that, almost 25 years later, still stands the test of time.

    With my retrogasm finished, let's get to the point. The title character of LoZ is Link, and Link, by chance or fate, has been sucked into the parallel-universe world of Super Mario Bros. Crossover. Within this world he is able to use some of his weapons from LoZ: the Boomerang (L1), the Magical Boomerang (L3), the Sword (L1), the White Sword (L2), the Magical Sword (L3), the Sword Beam (L3), the Wooden Shield (L1), the Magical Shield (L2), the Blue Ring (L2), and the Red Ring (L3). So now, I pose to you, the forumers: if you could add one item from the original LoZ to SMBC, what would it be? To aid you guys' memory, I'll post a list of the items absent from SMBC but present in LoZ below, along with explanations of how they could work.

    Bomb - Bombs could work similarly to how they do in the original LoZ, but might have the ability to be picked up and thrown like in later LoZ games and the LoZ series' platforming segments. This would require the time at which they explode to be delayed somewhat so that players would have the time to pick up and throw them. They might have the same blast radius they do in the original LoZ. They could deal equal damage to the health value of a Lakitu on the Normal difficulty setting, which would make them the second most powerful attack in the game next to Mario's fireball. They might be limited-use, where the player can carry a maximum total of 8 and gets bomb pickups from every nth enemy. For example, let's say Jay decides to set n to 10. In this case, every 10th enemy you kill would drop a bomb pickup. Like in the original game, these bomb pickups might increment the bomb count by 4. This would open the floor to similar mechanics for other characters; like kyoo suggested, the same could be done for Samus and missiles. Because of the power of the bomb, only one bomb might be allowed to be active onscreen at once.

    Bow / Arrows - Like the bomb, the bow is a staple of the Zelda series, having appeared in almost every Zelda to date. This is a good argument to be made that it should be included in SMBC. The bow might allow you to shoot arrows in each cardinal direction. Its use cost the player rupies / rupees in LoZ, so in SMBC it might cost coins. This could give coins an actual use beyond 1upping the player when he / she collects 100 of them, and so would encourage players to go out of their way to collect coins. Arrows might be upgraded to Silver Arrows when Link reaches Level 3 (i.e. his Fire Flower form). The Silver Arrows are, however, considered the "ultimate weapon" of the Zelda series, and so might be too powerful for SMBC. Instead of downgrading them, there are 2 solutions to this. The first is that one silver arrow could take n number of coins to use. For example, each might deplete 10 coins. Another, separate way to solve this problem would be to only activate Silver Arrows if Link obtains a star. This would open the floor to personalized star mechanics for each character, which has been a common request on the board. As a demonstration of their power, Silver Arrows might pierce through enemies and blocks in the style of Mega Man's charged shot. Silver Arrows might perhaps mete out as much damage as the health value of a Hammer Brother, while the damage of regular arrows might be determined by the circumstances under which they are acquired.

    Candles - I'm not sure how these could be effectively incorporated into the SMBC gameplay, but they could work as they do in the original game. The Blue Candle could be used once per level (e.g. once in 1-1, once in 1-2), and could be re-used if you die in said level. An upgrade to the Red Candle could happen when Link gets a Fire Flower, and the Red Candle could be used infinitely. It'd be cool if the candles could burn down scenery shrubbery and instantly kill all water-based enemies. Another possible use of the candles might be to reveal invisible blocks while the flame is active.

    Clock - This would be a really cool replacement for / effect of the Starman. All enemies, like in LoZ, could freeze in time for the duration of the Starman. It'd work like it works in the original game.

    Compass - The compass could be used in conjunction with the map to display your position on the map.

    Food - Food, like in the original Legend of Zelda, could be used as bait to lure enemies to a specific spot. When enemies pass the food, they could change direction. It may be wise to disable this effect for certain enemies like Bowser, since otherwise boss fights would be too easy.

    Key / Magical Key - I'm not sure for what purpose keys could be used. Maybe they could be hidden in certain blocks, and then later on key blocks, a la The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening, could exist in certain staircases. Behind these key blocks could be certain items and upgrades; either all-new items to be added to Link's inventory, or simple items like Blue Rupees or bomb refills. The Magical Key could be hidden in a really hard-to-reach area; one idea is that it could be poking out of the top of the cloud atop 6-3 (the light gray level), and to reach it you'd have to downward thrust off of a Bullet Bill way later in the level until you get all the way back to the cloud at the start. When added to your inventory, it'd unlock everything keys could unlock, and would exist for all games by being stored in the SMBC save file.

    Letter - In the original LoZ, once this item is shown to the Old Woman, Link can buy Blue and Red Life Potion. I don't know how this could be sensibly incorporated into SMBC. Maybe if Life Potion were available as a pick-up, you'd need to find the Letter before it'd appear.

    Life Potion / 2nd Potion - I'm not sure how these could be incorporated into SMBC. If the key idea was implemented, maybe they could be pickups hidden behind key blocks. The Life Potion could act like the Mushroom, and could appear if you're in normal form; and the 2nd Potion could act like the Fire Flower, and could appear if you're in Mushroom form. They could also be replacements for the Mushroom and Fire Flower altogether, although replacing these might not be a good idea unless consistent for all characters. For example, Samus and Mega Man might get Energy Tanks. Another viable replacement for the power-ups when playing as Link might be a Heart Container, but that's off-topic so allow me to continue.

    Magical Rod / Book of Magic - This would fire a magic blast. With the sword beams and what I believe to be the better alternative of the bow, to add the Rod might be redundant. Were it added, the Fire Flower upgrade might give it the Book of Magic, which combines the powers of the Magical Rod and Red Candle.

    Map - The map is definitely a staple of the LoZ series and might help to increase the Zelda feel when the player plays as Link. This could be hidden somewhere early into each level. When obtained, the player could access a pixel map of the level. This could be used in conjunction with the Compass to show the player his or her position in the level, and could be invaluable for levels with teleporter objects like 4-4, 7-4, and 8-4.

    Power Bracelet - Finding this item could allow you to push brick blocks, staircase-type blocks, and ? blocks in each of the cardinal directions provided that 1) there is solid ground underneath you, and that 2) no block occupies the space in which you want to push your block. I think it'd be best were this ability given to Link by default, rather than being something he has to obtain.

    Raft - If Link touches the top of the screen in water levels, he could automatically float along on the raft LoZ-style until he hits a wall. Alternatively (or simultaneously), if used while in the water, it could make Link float to the surface.

    Recorder - The recorder is the "warp whistle" of LoZ. In keeping with this theme, when Link arrives at a warp zone, instead of seeing three pipes he'd see nothing but a recorder. Once he obtains it, he'd play it and a whirlwind would appear. The world to which he would be warped might perhaps depend on the location in which he is standing before being whisked away by the whirlwind.

    Rupies / Rupees - These might be a viable replacement for coins.

    Stepladder - This could help Link walk over gaps with a one-block (32px) thickness.

    Triforce - In the original LoZ, Princess Zelda split the Triforce of Wisdom into 8 separate units. By coincidence, there's 8 separate worlds in SMBC. Each Toad, then, might have a shard of the Triforce of Wisdom. Alternatively, Toads might be entirely replaced with shards of the Triforce of Wisdom. In any case, when Link collects all 8, his quest would be complete. If the subscreen from the NES Zelda were incorporated, the Triforce pieces collected, and items in general, could show up on said subscreen.


    As a general disclaimer, keep in mind none of the above, to my knowledge and at the time of writing, is currently in the works. Also keep in mind, before anyone comes in here with guns blazing just raring to be tearing into these ideas, that I don't believe everything above should be in SMBC. It's a list of the items in the LoZ series, with proposed explanations of how they could work were they to be added to SMBC.

    So now, I'm taking a poll. From the above list of LoZ items, what are the top 5 you'd most like SMBC's Link to have? This poll should allow you to vote for up to 5 separate options, so vote away!
  2. I should have read before I voted. I would have picked step ladder as one of them :(
  3. J Squared

    J Squared Level 7: Bloober

    Thanks for the feedback. I just allowed users to change their votes to correct this issue.
  4. thank you very much, I fixed it. now the step ladder gets the love it deserves :D (making level 8-1 and other and the or that one part up in the clouds in world 3)
  5. Tid

    Tid Level 3: Paratroopa

    My thoughts: (This is a huge idea, and I'd appreciate some thoughts/feedback, as it will change the way Link plays in this game.)
    Link should have all of them, or most of, anyway. You know how in LoZ, there are two boxes? One for both the A and B button? What if pressing C once would use your equipped item, and holding it down for a couple seconds would pause the game and go to a classic LoZ-style item selection screen? As he got a mushroom, and eventually a Fire Flower, more options would become available to him in the menu. Sword would of course always be selected as his first attack.
  6. although I'm sure we all already know where they are at. maybe the candles could be used to show where all the hidden blocks were used. kind of like my white crystal idea for simon for the flag pole... but for hidden blocks. just an idea.. and also if baddies run into it it stuns them and burns them more than once if done right

    like if link uses the candle here the flame shoots forward and while the flame is under the block it is apparent. but once the flame goes out the block is no longer visible. just an idea

    or when I had the red candle on zelda I'd OFTEN use it to attack multiple times with just one flame

    I could see myself decimating bowser health with a red candle shooting two flames at a time having both of them burn him up like crazy.

    just ideas for the candle. it was my vote before I switched it to step ladder. but I think step ladder would be way more important.

    EDIT: I said shooting "to" flames at a time instead of "two"
  7. J Squared

    J Squared Level 7: Bloober

    I updated the OP with this because I feel it's a good idea.

    I agree.
  8. good news would be if used the candle you could just jump over the flame instead of running into it :p
  9. Ravior

    Ravior Level 8: Hammer Bro

    The game that started it all for me was OoT. I never grew up with the original Zelda, but I do own it. OoT will always be favorite, though. Not just Zelda game, but of all games.

    I voted for the bow and arrow. At first I voted for the triforce, but when I read it it definitely wasn't something that would turn me into an enemy killing machine. So bow and arrows it is.

  10. you know you can vote for up to 5 items at once right? he ask for your top 5 and it's not radio buttons so you can make multiple selections.

    if you don't know what a radio button is here is a link with an example
  11. Tid

    Tid Level 3: Paratroopa

    You don't like my idea?
    Well, understandable. I can see why it could be a bad thing to do.
    Well in that case, here are my thoughts:
    Bombs and Bow/Arrows should be the added items.
    Bombs being placed by holding down and pressing either attack button (to make it easier to remember all of Link's attacks). Bombs become available at Mushroom Level, and, as stated in OP, deal as much damage as a Lakitu can take, being second most powerful attack in the game.
    Arrows cost a 2 coins to use. Hold down X to draw the bow, release it to fire. Travels in a straight horizontal line and does high damage. They are available to use right from the start. Stun enemies like Boomerang, but also do high damage. Not Bomb/Fireball high, but high nonetheless.
  12. this probably wouldn't be put in unless gameboy link was playable but bomb arrows... know what I'm mean. from Links awakening.


    I don't claim glitch I claim technique. so just in case Game boy link is playable. I'd love to see bomb arrows.

    but as of now. there is no gameboy version of link. so that's just a thought for the future if ever such a thing exist. because I'd hate for bomb arrows to exist with NES link. because it's not a tech he's capable of using.
  13. Mitewing

    Mitewing Level 9: Spike Top

    If the item selection menu from LOZ is implemented, then I think the default for the "A" button would be the boots to represent his jumping ability. Then you can change it to another item whenever you want, but you would lose the ability to jump when you do this.
  14. Koari

    Koari Level 7: Bloober

  15. i think that anything that damages enemies should be in but hookshot could also be in its in zelda classic

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