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  1. Urutsune

    Urutsune Level 6: Lakitu

    Oh it is a very simple challenge! Your goal is to have every single character powered up as much as possible for the last stage. Sound easy? Well if you think so then you had no thought into it well enough. It is VERY HARD but also very possible. I always tried to do this just without thinking countless times when I played, it is very fun. It takes lotsa skill and a pinch of luck!

    OBJECTIVE: Power up every character as much as possible and reach the final stage

    Game Mode: Survival
    The reason for this is actually very simple. You can use 1-ups to power up your character and may I say you very much need it to be able to do this challenge!

    Difficulty: Normal or higher

    Other misc rules:
    -No cheats are allowed except the ones that can't give you an advantage like Classic Simon or Classic Samus.
    The whole point is to play like if you would normally play, so no cheating!

    -You can save BUT only at the start of a world and only two times!
    Why do I give you this help? Well because as I said it also takes a pinch of luck. Mainly Simon, Bill and Ryu can be a gamble of what power up you get. So the game can be a complete douche and not give you the power up you need, it is not your fault and so you get this advantage. And also the challenge is seriously extremely really real challenge! So basically you can save at the start of two worlds of your choice! Choose wisely when you want to use up those saves!

    -You can use any skin but you are not allowed to change it to something else later.
    Basically this means you can use example Quickman for this challenge but then you are not allowed to use the other skins. Makeup up your mind what skin you want to use for each character because once you start you can't change it.

    This can be a very fun challenge and a very good test of your skills. It is all about not getting hit and try to get as many 1-ups as you can. So go now and play the challenge before an update comes for the game that gives a new character and makes this tuff challenge even harder!
  2. Rey D

    Rey D Level 12: Super Mod

    "what power up you get", "the power up you need"
    That means you need CERTAIN power-ups to be considered all powered up, right?
    Like having to replace the Dagger with another weapon like the Holy Water or something?

    If so, then we need a list stating with which power ups a character is considered powered up (for Simon, Bill and Samus).
  3. Urutsune

    Urutsune Level 6: Lakitu

    No, You see for example a fully powered Simon is a Simon that has the whip upgrade and the triple shot power up. But it is random for Simon what power up he finds. You can have any subweapon for Simon and Ryu, any gun for Bill and any beam (ice or wave) for Samus.
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