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  1. silentshadowxp

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    Thing about the hive I think you're talking about is that it wouldn't make sense for a bird to come flying out of it XD. Since Mario is the one sending out the enemies in DK Jr, and since he had DK in a cage, I assumed that it would make sense for other enemies to be caged as well and he just unleashes them on you. And since I had a bird in bullet bill's place, that wouldn't look right.

    As for the vines, I chose the ladders Mario climbs in DK because I feel those are more iconic. While I tried to pull ideas from all of those games, I had a bit of a hierarchy with what I took stuff from the most. In order, I'd say it was DK, DK Jr, Mario Bros, Wrecking Crew and DK 3. Since DK was higher up on the list than Jr, I figured I'd choose the ladder from that game because it was something I thought people would recognize more.

    As for the sand pile, I'm not entirely sure what you're talking about.

    Edit: Oh, and the hammers are actually the ones he's holding, but bigger :p
  2. ChozoBoy

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    The hive/jar seems to be jar in promotional art. The Sand Pile was in the arcade Cement Factory DK level. It was also later in Cement Factory for G&W (and the G&W Gallery series.) I thought it would be neat in the level somewhere. (Maybe occurring once as an unused foreground object?)

    If I could try another suggestion, you have the DK Jr. bug as Green Koopa. Why not use Fighter Fly sing it jumps like Green Paratroopa?
  3. silentshadowxp

    silentshadowxp Level 7: Bloober

    I'm still not entirely sure what you're talking about, but I might... Is this the stage you're talking about? If it is, I always thought those were pies. >.>

    As for the Fighter Fly, I actually had him as the Green Koopa originally. Thing is, I made most of this skin back when I discovered Sonic Boll, and while I was testing it out, his shape always messed with my head. If you look at his sprites I have in the skin, his shape is mostly that of a Goomba. So I constantly found myself thinking he WAS a Goomba each time I went to step on him as a walking turtle, and it just didn't feel right. I know that it might sound like a stupid reason to change it, but when the shape of the enemy starts playing tricks with your mind, it can be hard to get used to. I felt that sacrificing his ability to jump from Mario Bros was a better choice than the problems it caused. :\
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    Holy crap this is cool.
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  5. ChozoBoy

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  6. silentshadowxp

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    Mario Wiki... *shivers*

    That's what I thought you were talking about, but I've always thought those were pies ever since I was a kid. XD

    Well, they're too short for the coral, and not to mention you wouldn't want to make it something you have to stand on since it was something that hurt you in DK. But I'll see if there's somewhere I can fit it in.
  7. Mitewing

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    Wow you guys have been busy since I last checked. I will reply appropriately when I have a chance. I just had a couple of ideas. There are breakable bricks in WC and thought they can be used for the same thing in SMB. The bricks in Mario Bros would be used for the main ground. Also since there will be only be black backgrounds, use other things like the arrow signs for the elevators to decorate for backgrounds. I think everybody thought the cement trays were pies. Lol. I'm not sure how the themes work, but if you can replace the beanstalks with DK Jr vines in any Jungle themed area would look cool. The other areas could use the DK ladder.

    Edit: I noticed you used sidesteppers for the spiny as well as the cheep cheep and bloopers. I think that get confusing so I recommend changing the Spiny to something else.
  8. ChozoBoy

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    Speaking of Wrecking Crew, how about replacing the hammer with the bomb? The hammer might eventually be an item if Jay includes SMB Sp. after Lost Levels. You could also use those tiles that are in spots where there are no walls as something like the bridge railing. (Sort of like how you can go into the background of that game.) I don't mean to be excessively critical, if I am it's because I love this theme, but I think the key would look better unturned on the flag.

    (Off topic: I agree with you about MW and the rest of those anti-Wikia "NIWA" wikis. Recreating existing wikis is just ridiculous.)
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  9. Mitewing

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    Chozoboy, are you gonna create updated skins for 2.0? I know you and I talked about them a long time ago.
  10. ChozoBoy

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    Do you mean new skins or updating my old ones? I'm going to be too busy with my Ridley research grant and animation thesis to get involved in much here before summer.
  11. Mitewing

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    Updating the old ones, but since you're busy with school it's no big deal.
  12. ChozoBoy

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    I'm glad you like them, but if anyone else has the time to adapt them then they can go ahead. (And offer change suggestions, if any ideas come up.)
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