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    Hi, people.
    I want make some sugestions to characters.

    1-Yes, my English is poor. Sorry. I’am Brazilian (Be pacience with me, please! J )

    2- I don’t want make many threads/topics: Many characters to discuss.
    So I will send all my sugestions to is only thread.And edit if necessary. Thank you to attention and pacience.


    *THE CHARACTERS (ideas) :

    *Original Prince of Persia


    -Monkey walking: ‘’Down’’ arrow + ‘’left/right’’ arrows.

    -Dash: Jump +right/left arrows (Prince of persia’s long jump forward)

    -Slide: Jump + Down arrow

    -Atack: sword/scimitar (dont can walk in attack).

    -Sword combo: hold attack button + ‘’UP’’ arrow , or press many times ‘’attack’’.

    -Defense/block: press ‘’UP’’ arrow + ‘’C’’ button if you have ammo

    -Projectiles: Like the ‘’sub-weapons’’ of Belmonts or Sophia 3. Exemples: White Mouse (land attack); throw knives; Greek fire (bottle) ;

    -double Jump

    -triple jump: only with a specific item colected

    -Climbing walls

    - Run : forward 2x; or hold the arrow to forward

    Extra skins to Prince:

    -Mirror’s Prince doppleganger

    -Jaffar/fake prince

    -Anothers Prince of Persia ported versions

    -Prince of Persia (Ubisoft) versions ported to mobiles

    Extra Skin Special/Alternative Character:

    *KYLE (the protagonist from ‘’Nosferatu’’ Super Nes, by SETA)

    -Change the sword attacks and combos (graphics, dont the mechanic) to Punch & Kicks&shoulders chargers attacks

    Anothers characters ideas coming soon!
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    JAGUARHX Level 2: Koopa

    Sorry for this, Alice. I edited the text color. And will create anothers characters threads. :)
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    And the best part is that there are NES, SNES and GB ports of PoP.

    JAGUARHX Level 2: Koopa

    Yes. You are right. But is Only examples to skins. The Mario Crossover developtment Team Dont need make all. (Huumm.. so, i will like. To be honest) ;)

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