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Discussion in 'Characters' started by TiagoDu, Feb 24, 2012.

  1. sbq92

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    Yeah, I know. I'm just pointing out the absurdity of it all. :p

    Meanwhile, somewhere in the land of Ontopic, sbq92 was thinking Quote would be awesome in SMBC.
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  2. Lilfut

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    How should weapon upgrades work? A few of the weapons (Spur, Machine Gun, Snake, etc.) were mutually exclusive, should that be preserved or should you be able to get a "full" arsenal?
  3. sbq92

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    Hmm... The weapon system would be tricky to implement in SMBC. In Cave Story, most of the weapons were selectable (the main weapon was actually swapped out), and they could each be upgraded. The problem, though, is that the upgrade system was based on being able to get hit and have the weapon downgraded. In SMBC, one hit and you lose everything.

    I guess the Cave Story method could still work, it would just mean that you lose a lot if you die. You could just collect the various weapons from boxes until you have them all, and then the "last" item could continually be one of the weapons that gets swapped out in the original game. The enemies could leave behind ammo and/or the little upgrade triangles, and the currently equipped weapon could gradually work toward being upgraded. If you get hit, though, you lose everything you had, although the weapon levels would remain for the next time you get those weapons back, since starting off at 0 again would just suck.
  4. Lilfut

    Lilfut Level 7: Bloober

    Yeah, Quote is one of those characters who really shouldn't get an empty arsenal when he dies.
  5. TiagoDu

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    Well, i think Quote can empty the arsenal after he dies, and when hit, lose all the energy OF THE CURRENT WEAPON, as he does on the game. The other weapon retiain their energies until quote is hit wielding them or dies. When he dies all the weapons energy are emptied.

    On very easy, quote only loses all the weapons energy when he dies.

    On easy, quote also only loses all the weapons energy when he dies, but when he's out of a mushroom, all his weapons behave as level 1 weapons, regardless of how much weapon energy each one has.

    On medium and onwards, quote loses all the currenly wielded weapon's energy, and when he's out of a mushroom, all his weapons behave as level 1 weapons, regardless of how much weapon energy each one has. he also loses all the weapons energy when he dies.

    I mean, Quote and his weapons feel a little overpowered so some of this can balance the gameplay.
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  6. Lilfut

    Lilfut Level 7: Bloober

    Sounds good to me.
  7. sbq92

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    I don't know, emptying the arsenal sounds pretty extreme, especially considering how Quote is pretty much all about the weapons. Having to start fresh every time he dies just doesn't seem right. All other characters at least retain their ammo, even though they lose the respective weapons (e.g., Link keeps the same number of Arrows and Bombs when he dies, even though he has to recollect the Quiver and Bombs). It seems that Quote should at the very least retain the ammo for the weapons that require ammo, but probably also retain the levels for the weapons that weren't equipped at the time of death. Of course, the weapon he was equipped with when he died would be dropped back down to 0.
  8. Lilfut

    Lilfut Level 7: Bloober

    Also, should he start with the Polestar, or with nothing, which is technically more accurate to the original game?
  9. sbq92

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    He can't start with nothing. He needs a means of fighting. Starting with the Polestar makes sense.
  10. Lilfut

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    I was thinking he gets the Polestar when he has a mushroom, and you otherwise just avoid enemies. Like the First Cave.
  11. TiagoDu

    TiagoDu Level 6: Lakitu

    Well, in Cave Story he has to make a lot of progress for getting a weapon. In SMBC, you can get all weapons on 4 or so stages. Plus it would diversificate gameplay. I mean, you have to play with what you've got.
    Maybe all the weapons cut their energy by half when he dies? Yes, he must retain the ammo and energy of the lost weapons when he dies.
    Ok, he starts with nothing, but he can't do anything with nothing, so better start with the POLAR STAR.

    CHAOS_FANTAZY Level 6: Lakitu

    How is this discussion not already here? Mysteries of the universe.

    So, as none of you are aware, I bought Cave Story+ when it went up for cheap during the Steam Summer Sale. I've completed two playthroughs of the game with the Normal ending, but I can't beat the Hell Run to save my life, and I'm stuck on Monster X in Hard Mode.
    Anyway, like most things I play, I've become attached to the characters. I'm here to suggest Quote as a playable character for SMBC.

    Now that SMBC has gone into 2.0, there's not a better time to make Quote playable. Before, there would have been a lot of arguments about weapon selection, but now there is no such problem--Quote can receive all his weapons, in addition to miscellaneous items like the Booster and the Turbocharge, from individual power-up boxes. There are, however, still a lot of things up for discussion.
    > Compared to the other characters in SMBC right now, Quote is a quick character with a very light jump. To make him less viable, is a nerf to his move speed or jump in order?
    > Should weapon changes be handled similar to the actual Cave Story--for instance, having to give up King's Sword in order to receive the Nemesis, rather than getting them both?
    > How should leveling weapons be handled? That is, referring less to the leveling up aspect--enemies will drop XP Chips, Quote will pick them up--and more about leveling down. In the original Cave Story, Quote loses XP as well as HP whenever he takes a hit--but we all know you can't get hit much in SMBC, so how do we handle this?
    > By the end of Cave Story, Quote has a huge arsenal that has no problem with killing things. Obviously, his weapons will have to be made less powerful somehow, but what kinds of nerfs are in order?

    I've got a few ideas in mind, such as a basic gameplay blueprint and a complete music list (Truth be told, I wasn't very fond of Uglyrodent's selections in his SMBC Music video), but I'll wait for discussion to kick off before I continue. ...Besides, I'm afraid if I wait any longer, my login session will expire.

    EDIT: Oh, Ballos' left eye, I screwed up. Could a mod please change that poll to infinite time?
  13. QuoteTheHero

    QuoteTheHero Level 2: Koopa

    His "Toad" should be one of Jenka's puppies,and his "princess" is Curly. He should be able to downward thrust and shoot the machine gun to fly!
  14. RondoOfRedLiquids

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    I feel as if he could fit into the game. As for the game being made in 2004, which is quite a bit recent and isn't "retro" as some might say, Megaman 9 and Megaman 10 sprites were allowed which are newer than the Cave Story sprites. Maybe if he doesn't work out as his own character, he could be a Mega Man skin which I can also see happening.
  15. aliceandsven

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    bump so people can see
  16. MrKyurem

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    Quote in SMBC?

    ohhh i need diz

    Read the above conversation and saw some dispute over how Quote would play. As I have beaten Hell and gotten to know CS's weapon system quite well, I say we base it off the Megaman weapon system, but slightly friendlier.

    When you get hit (two hits should still kill you to stop him being over powered) all of your weapons with EXP will loose all/some their experience. If a weapon has no EXP, you loose that weapon.

    Also, I've noticed that nobody has mentioned the Booster 0.8 and Booster 2.0. I vote that you get both. You'd get the Booster 0.8 first, then you could find the Booster 2.0 later and the 0.8 would be replaced.

    For the exclusive weapons, you could start by getting the first 5 weapons: the Polar Star, Missile Launcher, Fireball, Bubbler and the Blade. Then you could get powerups which replace the Polar Star/Blade. Not sure how the Snake would work, as removing 2 weapons is slightly harsh. Lets pretend you don't trade the Snake for the Polar Star and Fireball.

    Another reason why Quote is good for SMBC, along with what other people have said, is that if the Megaman Health feature is added, Quote would play almost perfectly with it.
  17. RCGaming

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    Didnt check the searchbar, accidentaly made my own thread for this
    Im gonna quote the whole thing (No pun intended)
    There ya go.
  18. NeedsMoreStuff

    NeedsMoreStuff Level 3: Paratroopa

    Maybe as a skin for Arthur
  19. Nat

    Nat Level 6: Lakitu

    How so?
    He doesn't even play like Arthur, and Arthur isn't even in the game!
  20. NeedsMoreStuff

    NeedsMoreStuff Level 3: Paratroopa

    Both are ranged characters that can aim and aren't added yet

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