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    Camera photos and videos are okay, if your camera is good enough. We generally tend to actually record straight from the screen (this is generally preferred for graphical issues), using some of the following methods:
    The "print screen" technique is one of the more rudimentary ways of taking screenshots. This involves pressing the "Print Screen" (sometimes abbreviated as "PrntScr") key on most keyboards, opening an image editing program and pasting the result, optionally but preferably cropping the image to show just the game.
    Especially for graphical issues, we discourage saving your screenshot as a JPEG or JPG file. Generally, unless the image is a photo or an animation or you want to preserve layers, PNG is the best option.
    There's also a built-in tool on Windows 7 called the Snipping Tool, which allows you to select which part of the screen you want to capture and then save it.
    If you want to have an even more user-friendly way of taking screenshots, there's a tool called Lightshot, available for Windows and Mac and described below.
    The way it works is you press the Print Screen key as usual (or just click on the icon from the Start menu or the taskbar), but when you do, the screen will turn dark, with everything except the mouse (and a little text box below it) frozen. You can then drag the area you want to capture and save it to the computer, print it, or even upload it directly to the Web.
    There is something you should take note of when uploading straight to the web, though. When you click the upload button, a little window will appear in the bottom right corner of the screen. You can click "Open" to view the image online or "Copy" to copy the link to the right to the clipboard. The problem here is that the link is not a hotlink, which means it isn't a direct link to the image. If you're sharing a screenshot in IMs or something, clicking Copy is fine, but if you want to have the actual screenshot on the forum, you need to click "Open" and follow the instructions in the "embedding your stuff" section.
    Sometimes, screenshots just aren't enough to completely describe the bug. In this case, recording a video is in order. Unfortunately, there is no easy way to do this on Windows without third-party tools, but here are some free and useful tools that you could use.
    Camstudio records to AVI files or to SWF files. In most cases, you'll want AVI. Do notice, though, that you need to upload these to a hosting site like YouTube or Dropbox before people can watch these. There's a box at the top right corner of the window to tell you which is set:
    If you want to record audio as well, you must unmute the speaker microphone. This is a virtual device recognised as the microphone, but instead of recording your voice, it will record the sound coming out of the speakers in real time. There are plenty of flavours of this in the different flavours of computer, so I won't bother trying to explain. I will say, though, that the device is usually called Stereo Mix (I haven't actually experienced a computer that calls it anything else), but apparently it's sometimes called "What U Hear" or something like that.

    Anyway, once you've unmuted it, make sure it's set as the microphone that the program records from:
    Yep, we're okay, so click OK and we're good to go.
    Now, make sure its region is set to "Region":
    Just make sure the game is visible on the screen, and click that record button!

    The mouse cursor will change. Drag it from one corner of the game to the other, and flashing indicators will appear in the corners of the game window.
    A bunch of technical information will appear in the Camstudio window, but you can safely ignore this. Just click back to the game and demonstrate your glitch.
    When you want to stop recording, press the Stop button in the Camstudio window, select a location and name and save it. If you want, edit it with a video editing program. Upload it to your hosting site, post the link and you're done!
    GifCam records to GIF files. These have the advantage of being directly supported by the forum, but they have the disadvantage of being completely silent. They also have no play button, but this can be averted by using spoiler tags, documented in the BB Codes list.
    Opening the file will produce a window with a hole in it:
    Make sure that the window encloses the whole game:
    Now just click "Rec", click inside the hole and replicate your bug! When you do, the "Rec" button will turn into a "Stop" button. Click this when you're done.
    You can also click "Frame" to record one frame at a time.
    There's an "Edit" button, which opens up a very basic editor.
    The first frame will be exactly what you expect it to be, but after that, a lot of scary green appears. Don't worry about that, what happens is it removes the green and pastes what's left onto the last frame. It saves lots of space. You can right click to remove the green screen part. It won't affect how it's saved, but it looks more natural.
    You can use the editor to remove frames and add text. That's pretty much all you need to know about it.
    Once you're done editing, close the editing window and hit that Save button!
    Now just upload it to the forums. If it's too big, you need to upload it to an external site and embed it. (see the "embedding your stuff" section)
    If an image or gif is small enough, you can upload it using the "Upload a File" button on the forums.
    Once it's uploaded, you can insert it into your post by putting the text cursor in the right place and clicking "Full Image".
    However, if you're using an external hosting site (YouTube, Tinypic, etc), you used Lightshot or your file is too big, you'll have more stuff to do, depending on what you want to embed.
    Let me make something clear first: We don't like Sadpanda because they use region filters, so please don't use Sadpanda.
    First, you need to upload your footage to an external hosting site (such as Tinypic, Imageshack, etc) and open the image's page. On some sites, there will be a textbox with BBCode/forum code for the image. Copy that and paste it into your post. If there isn't, you'll have to do things the harder-but-not-actually-all-that-hard way.
    On some browsers, you can drag the image from the webpage into the post box on the forums. On others, you'll have to either:
    • Click "Copy image" or whatever your browser calls it and paste it into the post box
    • Click "Copy image URL" or "Copy image link" or whatever your browser calls it, click the "Insert/edit image" button on the forum and paste the link
    • Click the same button as above, but type "[img]", paste the link and type "[/img]". All without quotes.
    If you can't do any of the above, you can choose between:
    • right click -> view source -> try to work out where your image link is -> follow either of the last two bullet points above without the "copy image url" part.
    • Get a different hosting site, what you have right now sucks.
    Personally, I would recommend the latter.
    The forum supports the embedding of videos on YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Metacafe, Dailymotion and Liveleak.
    To embed a video, you can simply post the link. Keep in mind that you can't have the video jump to a specific time when you click Play. You need to actually specify in the text of your post at what time the glitch is.
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    I'd like to add that for Windows 7 users there is also a built-in Snipping Tool which does a great job at capturing part of a screen, likely similar to Lightshot.
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    I should probably add something on embedding...
    EDIT: I moved the embedding stuff to a section of its own.
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    Well, if people want to upload on external hosts, it's fine.
    But they should never use postimage.something .
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    Indeed, sometimes it's even necessary. But that guy who posted the Super Arm glitch embedded the wrong URL, and it isn't very useful when that happens.
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    They posted the right URL. But that host is a recurrent trouble whenever you try to embed only the image. Try embedding it on Sandbox, go away from the thread and go back on if you don't get it.
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    Sadpanda is also troublesome because they employ region filters.
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