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Discussion in 'Characters' started by Jay, May 16, 2010.

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  1. Cid

    Cid Level 1: Goomba

    Character Requests

    I agree with the TMNT idea, too...but that's not just the point of this post.

    Shatterhand looks like an extremely bad-ass game. It would be awesome to have that character in SMBC, although I haven't really played that game. He wouldn't seem out of place or imbalanced at all, though his lack of long ranged moves (that is, if the robots that accompany you weren't placed into the game with him) might be a bit of a let down. Still, he's a good character to put in, in my opinion.
  2. oloei

    oloei Level 1: Goomba

    Character Requests

    how about one of the dragons from bubble bobble.
    they can shoot bubbles whem you hit an enemy he gets trap in a bubble, if you hit the bubble in a timelimit the enemy is dead. if you don't hit the bubble he comes back. with a mushroom or fireflower the range of the bubbles can get longer (sorry, i think my english isn't that well. i hope it' understandable)
  3. Ganymede

    Ganymede Level 5: Spiny

    Character Requests


    In all seriousness, though, I know it was brought up on the Facebook page, and I know that a lot of aspects of the game play would be difficult, but Little Nemo would be as fun as all get-out.

    Also, holy shit Shatterhand looks like it would fit into SMBC perfectly. Seconded.
  4. SeanEBlog

    SeanEBlog Level 3: Paratroopa

    Character Requests

    OH THANK YOU. I have been looking for a long time for the name of that game. I use to play it a friends house.
  5. Leon

    Leon Level 2: Koopa

    Character Requests

    >_>...<_<....Solid snake.

    Normal: Pistol
    Mushroom: Machine Gun
    Fire Flower: Rocket Launcher

    Special: Either Grenades (Arc attack similar to Simon, but blow up in a small radius on impact rather than tearing through everything), mines or C4.
  6. jg hollowell

    jg hollowell Level 2: Koopa

    Character Requests

    this is gonna explode into a lot of cool games if its done right.

    Shatterhand, that was a cool game.

    It makes me think about what if we included Billy "Big Bang" Blitz, from Clash at Demonhead. He had a whole bunch of crazy powerups. Also, Low G Man would be cool because he never really killed stuff with his laserbeam. He just froze them, and would stab up and down. And he had huge jump range.

    his normal would just be a freeze shot, and a high jump. His mushroom would be the triple spread freeze shot upgrade, and a higher jump. His Flower would make him use the flare shot subweapon that he gets in the game, and perhaps a doube jump.
  7. UnknownFox

    UnknownFox Level 4: Buzzy Beetle

    Character Requests

    Shatterhand looks amazing for a NES game, Im definatly going to have to try that game out in a few and seeing as he can block the projectiles I can end up seeing a Tier being done with all the characters that eventually get put in, from most challenging to play to super easy. With that, hes got my vote :D

    Sonic, I personally think, even with all the people saying yes and no, this game is eventually going to be about the fact you can play the entire Mario world with anyone you like. Granted sonic may seem cheap but if it gives gamers something new to try why not? Sides im sure all the people here saying "Dont put sonic in!" would go...."well, hes here why not try him once."'

    Arthur, is my man, ive played every Ghouls and Ghosts/goblins game I could find (even fan made) and even through hours of frustration hes still my favorite. I do agree with the setup of his abilities, start in underwear, the mushroom would be a simple armor (thus a 2nd hit as mario would) and finally the ability to throw daggers instead of the slow javelin. Torch is the only thing I question mainly because he could only carry one weapon at a time (either javelin, torch, dagger, forget the others) but suppose would be neat for a bit of variety.

    Didnt even think of Snake (or was it really Big Boss in the NES?) but wouldnt mind him either. :D
  8. jg hollowell

    jg hollowell Level 2: Koopa

    Character Requests

    I'm gonna bump this idea again;

    If we had to choose just one character to pine over, to include in the next version. Who would it be?

    Maybe just the character and one sentence Why.

    To start things off, mine is Firebrand;
    Because he can float.
  9. Urutsune

    Urutsune Level 6: Lakitu

    Character Requests

    Who would be the best?
    Hmmmm... Well the two would be the best next is Ryu hayabusa and Firebrand.
    But if I need to pick one, then I choose Firebrand. The reason is simple, he has unique abilities. So I think he would be a great choice because of that.
  10. Ganymede

    Ganymede Level 5: Spiny

    Character Requests

    Firebrand, yes. That game was one of the first really long adventure platformers that I actually beat, and I still love it, even today!
  11. Ganymede

    Ganymede Level 5: Spiny

    Character Requests

    Why "Rad" Spencer, from Bionic Commando, would not work (in my opinion).

    If you were to make the stages playable in the traditional sense of Bionic Commando, it seems like it would require something like an additional 10 to 15 platforms per stage. This both clutters the gameplay and would, I imagine, make certain otherwise difficult parts absolute cakewalks for more accustomed platforming characters. Just my thoughts. :nerd:
  12. jg hollowell

    jg hollowell Level 2: Koopa

    Character Requests

    and outside the whole platform thing, he'd be hole-proof. You'd have to set up the game to recognize that he's clinging to a wall before he falls.
  13. berserkx33

    berserkx33 Level 3: Paratroopa

    Character Requests

    - Imajin (Doki Doki Panic): He have a gameplay that don't need to much adaptation, make it so he don't stomp enemies and have vegetables over ? blocks.

    NO POWER-UP - Normal Gameplay (Mario Gameplay in SMB2)
    MUSHROOM - Mama Jump (Luigi's HIGH jump in SMB2) and Papa Strengt (Toad's strengt in SMB2)
    FLOWER - Lina Fligth (Peach Flight in SMB2)

    - Ballon Fighter (Ballon Fight): Put limited flight and we are ready to go.

    NO POWER-UP - Slow Gameplay and Weaker Flight
    MUSHROOM - Faster Gameplay and Faster Flight
    FLOWER - Even Faster Gameplay and Even Faster Flight

    - Bob (Bubble Bubble): Well, simply i would like to see goombas in bubbles. He would need the Bubble Jump.

    NO POWER-UP - Bubbles fly a short distance and are Slow
    MUSHROOM - Bubbles fly a longer distance and are Fast
    FLOWER - Bubble Explode and launch one attack (Depending on wich bubble power are you using).

    - Ryu Hayabusa (Ninja Gaiden): He can wall jump and is too much fast, a nice gameplay addition.

    NO POWER-UP - Katana
    MUSHROOM - Shuriken
    FLOWER - Fire Wheel

    - 'Rad' Spencer (Bionic Commando): Fill the level with extra plataforms, this way he can move around without jumping.

    NO POWER-UP - Normal Shoot
    MUSHROOM - Stronger Shoot
    FLOWER - Even Stronger Shoot

    - Jason (Blaster Master): He don't have to much to add, make him start without the tank he will be fine.

    NO POWER-UP - No Tank
    MUSHROOM - Tank
    FLOWER - Strong Shot

    - Orin (8 Eyes): He only is worth as a character because of Cutrus, his hawk, wish add a completely new gameplay. Otherwise, he would only be a copy of Simon.

    NO POWER-UP - No Cutrus
    MUSHROOM - Cutrus
    FLOWER - Strong Sword

    - Arthur (Ghouls'n'Ghosts): Don't need to change anything. He would start in his underwear, then Silver Armor,
    then Golden Armor.

    NO POWER-UP - Underwear
    MUSHROOM - Silver Armor
    FLOWER - Golden Armor and Magic Weapon

    - HERO (Cocoron): Make Special Button change randomly his body parts, this way his gameplay will always stay fresh.

    NO POWER-UP - Weak Shot
    MUSHROOM - Strong Shot
    FLOWER - Super Shot

    - Kirby (Kirby's Adventures): Limited flight like in Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards.

    NO POWER-UP - Normal Suck (Eat directly the enemy)
    MUSHROOM - Can spit the enemy back in the form of a star
    FLOWER - Star Wand

    - Bomberman (Bomberman): I would like to see a row of goombas exploding.

    NO POWER-UP - Only one Weak Bomb
    MUSHROOM - Two Medium Bombs
    FLOWER - Three Strong Bombs

    - Lode Runner (Lode Runner): The desapearing plataforms are a great gameplay add.

    NO POWER-UP - No Ground Desintegrator Beam
    MUSHROOM - Ground Desintegrator Beam
    FLOWER - Ground Reintegrator Beam
  14. Character Requests

    How about Bonk? He was better known for his TurboGrafx-16 games, of course, but the first game did get an NES port late in the console's life, and I've always been a fan of the little caveman with the giant head... besides which, it'd be nice to have a character besides Mario who can actually swim. :)

  15. joe24

    joe24 Level 0: Newbie

    Character Requests

    Growing up with the NES I found this game to be really really awesome here is my list

    #1 Beetlejuice from the NES game
    - would be awesome because he could use the stomp move as basic attack
    and he has a ton of powerups.

    #2 Ninja Turtle from Ninja turtles (the first one)
    - would just be kinda cool don't know how powerups would work

    #3 Batman from batman nes
    - would also be cool

    #4 Excitebike Dude from Excitebike
    - would just be hilarious

    #5 Legendary Wing guy from Legendary Wings
    - The underground stages not the main stages

  16. SeanEBlog

    SeanEBlog Level 3: Paratroopa

    Character Requests

    Okay, the last part of that video was slightly unsettling.

    1: (never played)
    2: I devised this earlier.
    3: Seconded
    4: Agreed but there would be a lack of music.
    5: (never played this either)
  17. Mind

    Mind Level 1: Goomba

    Character Requests

    Excitebike Dude would indeed be fun.

    And also, before I get to the character I definitely want in the game, I have to comment on Bob or Bub from Bubble Bobble, it is a great idea and I can't believe I didn't think of that since I grew up on that game (that and Zelda, Mario and Kid Icarus). And I think it is important that his fire flower could be the thunder-bubble you get to use against the last boss, you shoot the bubbles, jump on them and they shoot out thunderbolts in the direction you're not facing (See picture below). Maybe those fire-bubbles could work too.. And yes, jumping on your own bubble is also an important part.

    Ok so if I could play just one other character in SMBC or only one character at all, it would be Pit from Kid Icarus, he has all a character would need in the game, different colors, several power-ups and playing as him is just awesome in the original game for the NES. (Maybe it would even be fun if he had the eggplant curse until you got a mushroom making him only able to jump.. although that maybe would disable him from having as many power-ups as he could potentially have.)
  18. oloei

    oloei Level 1: Goomba

    Character Requests

    imagine threre were all the characters we request for in the game
    i wonder how would the titel screen look?
  19. Groover

    Groover Level 5: Spiny

    Character Requests

    Like sardine ^^
  20. jg hollowell

    jg hollowell Level 2: Koopa

    Character Requests

    So, as I'm looking at this now. First off, we have to think a bit;
    a: ultimately its Jays say, but all of these ideas are really cool.
    b; it would be awesome to almost have an 8-bit Super smash. Sadly, this isn't super smash bros.

    this is super mario bros.
    Now, how about this as an idea;
    IF you meet conditions for EVERY STAGE, perhaps you can unlock a certain character that would just play that stage. For me, it would be low g man, for 4-1. Fucking hate that flying asshole, and low g man is like the essence of anti air in his own game.

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