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Discussion in 'Features' started by TheomanZero, Feb 10, 2012.

  1. TheomanZero

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    I meant specifically the original NES Metroid. You can morph in midair in all games since Metroid II.
  2. Overlord

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    lol Yea but it's still a great game.
    I am almost certain that you can morph in midair by pressing down once in Metroid I. You can with Classic Samus turned on too.
  3. TheomanZero

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    Nope, you can't. I just tested it.
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  4. Overlord

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    Well either way it works.
  5. TheomanZero

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    Okay, this thread has gotten cluttered up with a bunch of stuff other than downward shooting, some of it from me. I considered starting a new thread, but it's always better to contribute to an existing thread than start a new one, so I decided to see if I could salvage this one.

    Anyway: I think that Modern Samus (that is, Samus with the Classic Samus cheat turned off) should be able to aim and shoot downward in midair. The crouching and midair Morphing abilities Modern Samus currently has originated in Metroid II, and so did the ability to shoot down in midair, so adding this ability would make Modern Samus more complete. A consequence of this is that you would have to press Down twice in midair to Morph (once to aim, twice to Morph), just like on the ground (once to crouch, twice to Morph), which is also more faithful to Metroid II.

    And that is ALL I am requesting in this thread.
  6. aliceandsven

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    Downward Shooting, Mother Fucker!!

    (i like this suggestion)
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