Request samus: long/ charge beam and space boots

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should there be hidden character specific pipes with exclusive skins?

  1. yes, for hidden worlds.

  2. yes, for full powers.

  3. yes, for secret characters.

  4. no.

Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. quickman1023

    quickman1023 Level 0: Newbie

    the 1 thing I hate about samus, simon and ryu? HAVING TO CROUCH TO HIT SMALL ENEMIES! which is why we the charge beam. it will have othe uses too, like creating tunnels through blocks in 4-2 (smb), or making the hammer of doom challenge (all hammer bros + evil hammer bros) EASIER! and I MADE that challenge! back on topic, the charge beam would act like in the actual games, but it go in a spiral shape like the storm tornado (megaman x1) with the wave beam, and cause splash damage on hit with the ice beam!

    i mean, a huge buzzy shell in a samus only pipe that can only be killed with the charge/wave beam combo could hide an exploding rabbit! (a power up in special with the smb3 skin)

    lastly, the space boots, sorry but all i can say is that it should be nerfed to a double jump.
  2. Earthboundlover

    Earthboundlover Level 2: Koopa

    Space Jump, you mean? By the way, Space jump IS from Metroid II, but she would be even more OP than Link! LINK, for Din's sake!
  3. JoMamma

    JoMamma Level 6: Lakitu

    While it would be nice to have character-specific items, i feel like it's largely unnecessary for an NES style game. (And too much work for Jay but that's besides the point)
    SMB was one of the original NES launch titles. I know later 8 bit games were more complicated, but SMB is definitely not one of them. Adding something that not even very many 16-bit games had just seems out of place.

    No you don't.
    Samus: Wave Beam
    Simon: Holy Water, or axes
    Ryu: That one energy ball thing i forget the name of, alternatively the spinning slash
    Can't you just use Mega Man?
    Or throw Simon's crosses behind you to let them fly forward?
    There are already methods of doing this.

    That would be hideously overpowered.
    space jump isn't in the game for a reason
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