Verifying Save Files: Map skin not saved

Discussion in 'Bugs' started by TheomanZero, Jan 2, 2013.

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    Recently I've been trying out the Super Mario World skin as everyone. Whenever I loaded my save file, it would initially be on the SMAS SMB skin instead, and I would have to change it back to SMW. (The character skin was always saved correctly.) I'm not sure whether this applies to all map skins, only 16-bit skins, or only the SMW skin, but since no one else has reported this yet I'm guessing it's a more specific case.

    EDIT: The most recent time I loaded my file, it did save my SMW skin. This file was on World 1-1, which might have made a difference.

    EDIT 2: Okay, it loaded the SMW skin correctly again, but it wasn't on World 1-1 this time, so scratch that idea. I was playing as Mega Man both times; could that have made a difference?

    EDIT 3: This time it loaded the SMW skin correctly as Bass on World 1-1. This bug did happen before and I don't know why it's stopped now unless there was a bugfix patch I didn't notice.

    EDIT 4: Okay, I actually have a credible theory as to what causes this to happen or not happen now. On the last few playthroughs, when I was prompted to select a console at the beginning I chose "Super Nintendo", and I haven't gotten the bug then. However, earlier than that, I sometimes chose "Current" because it was already on a Super Nintendo skin, and I'm pretty sure those were the times that I loaded with the wrong skin.

    EDIT 5: Now I'm playing as Ryu, and even though I'm pretty sure I selected "Super Nintendo" this time, it's been consistently loading the wrong map skin again. I don't know anything anymore.

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