Separate the Art from the Artist

Discussion in 'Exploding Rabbit' started by schjonicus, Sep 8, 2015.

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    Been checking this website daily for several years, always looking for new characters in SMBC, etc.

    Just joined the forum.

    Actually wanted to join the forum after the gutting to give voice to the voiceless, but my confirmation email didnt work.

    Anyway, I tried again and it worked. Here I am.


    ...Someone told me once and I still remember:

    'Separate the Art from the Artist'

    Anybody upset about ER making the transition out of diapers should take an objective look at SMBC.

    ER was such a cute baby! This is puberty and it sucks. But it gets better.

    That is all
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    A majority of the past "ER community" was there just for the off-topic threads. A large portion of that liked their playgrounds so much, that they don't want to hear, read, see and be anything related to the Exploding Rabbit company.

    So not a lot of people are still there, and there's not much to talk about, anyway.

    But welcome.
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