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Discussion in 'Skins' started by MemesAreCool, May 10, 2013.

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    I have a question: has Zelda ever used a sword? I know she's made good use of a bow before, but I remember being surprised to see her with a sword in SMBC. I'd imagine that having Sheik use a knife wouldn't be any more surprising than having Zelda running around stabbing things, but I might very well have missed something.

    I'd also say that I'd think it would make the most sense if Sheik were a skin of Link, because it would effectively mean that Sheik is also a skin of Zelda, which seems quite fitting.
  3. Rey D

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    Twilight Princess. That's it.

    Having Sheik use a knife wouldn't be a problem indeed. But how could one make the sword look like a knife and have it as long as the swords? It would not forcefully look weird, but I'm not totally convinced.
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    Instead of a sword she could use the chain from Smash Bros (side B for those who never caught on that that was a chain (I only realized it when I read the manual for Melee)).
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    What do you mean?! He's used a sword since his very first game!
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    ...sorry, i couldn't resist the urge to place that there.
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    Just draw her arm a little bit forward; That will account for the shorter sword.
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