Should RoboCop be in this game ??

Discussion in 'Characters' started by kodatarule, Jan 6, 2014.

  1. kodatarule

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    Well as the topic says...What do YOU guys think? Is it a good idea or a bad idea?? I ask for this because the gameplay of ROBOCOP 3 NES is great but the levels are short so if we can extend it with this would be cool :)! Sorry if it's already posted,but I just couldnt find a post like this one.
  2. Dinospy_01

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    Short answer: SMBC won't be updated with new characters again.

    Longer answer: I've never played the RoboCob game for NES, but based on a quick Youtube search, it looks like the character would fit better as a skin for Bill Rizer, since they are similar heights and the movesets match well enough. Unfortunately, I don't think any more skins will be added to the game, as it is considered complete. Exploding Rabbit is focused on their original project, Super Action Squad.

    We love your enthusiasm though!
  3. NeedsMoreStuff

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    Exploding Rabbit is focused on their project, Super Action Squad.
  4. ThomasMink

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    One of my early abandoned attempts at a skin was one for Robocop as a skin for Bill. I still think he would work in that regard, but I can't see him as a standalone character.
  5. JamesBond007

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    I could imagine him as a Mega Man or Bass skin.

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