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  1. ΗΜ100

    ΗΜ100 Level 2: Koopa

    No. There's no link but you can see my beatiful Simon Skins here.
  2. Rey D

    Rey D Level 12: Super Mod

    This skin, which has only power-ups recolored, is hardly worth considering.
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  3. Mitewing

    Mitewing Level 9: Spike Top

    Especially with no point of reference.
  4. ΗΜ100

    ΗΜ100 Level 2: Koopa

    In the Next Episode, I will introduce Mario as a Simon Skin. Here it is:
    simon_000.png Some sprites were changed, and most recolored.
    A full list of changes:
    Mushroom: Darker is small heart and lighter is meat
    Flower: Darker is both big heart and axe and lighter is cross
    Clock: Stopwhatch
    Star: Jar of Invicibility
    Poison Mushroom: Rosary
    Fireball: Darker is the axe animation and lighter is the cross animation
    Hammer: Dagger

    Give credit for this one.
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  5. ΗΜ100

    ΗΜ100 Level 2: Koopa

    How did you gimped theese screenshots?

    Should you post it in Mario Skins? Only Simon Skins can you post. Otherwise, make this Mario Skin into a Simon Skin, like the ones I made.

    Please don't post twice in a thread, in a short amount of time. Use the 'Edit' button.
    -Rey D
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  6. Faruga

    Faruga Level 12: Super Mod

    I took normal screenshots with Simon and edited them (using GIMP, which is why I used specifically that word) to have Link.
  7. MrDriller

    MrDriller Level 4: Buzzy Beetle

  8. Starz Lol

    Starz Lol Level 5: Spiny

    I already did a 16-bit version of this. Can I take a few ideas from yours and use them in my skin, though? Also, can you replace the axe with the hammer on your skin?
  9. ΗΜ100

    ΗΜ100 Level 2: Koopa

    NO! Hammer is dagger. I have Both Lighter and Darker flower. You have to do a very good look because it is buggy. I will make a full version later.
    EDIT: You can take some ideas from my skin and be sure to be SMW graphic.
    EDIT2: Can you replace the Large heart into a Flower/1-UP Mushroom? Also I suggest to use Star as Jar of Invicibility and a Purple Mushroom/Poison Mushroom as Rosary.
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  10. Starz Lol

    Starz Lol Level 5: Spiny

    1. ...I meant the Hammer Bros. hammer for one, and it seems cheaply made anyway. Use custom sprites, and not steal from SMBC's graphics.
    2. ...No, I changed my mind.
    3. Fire Flower's been taken up by the Holy Water but 1-Up sounds fine, and I believe the latter two are unused.
  11. Mitewing

    Mitewing Level 9: Spike Top

    I know this is old news now, however I just realized a Mike Jones skin would be possible as a Link skin if the Overworld sprites were used. This is more fitting since Startropics gameplay is based on the Legend of Zelda.
  12. KyleKatarn1995

    KyleKatarn1995 Level 0: Newbie

    Can someone make an AVGN Sprite for Simon Belmont. I have to admit, the Nerd has always mentioned Castlevania in one of his videos, and even played the Castlevania games from his Halloween episodes. And even more so, I thought it would be so nice to add the AVGN in a Castlevania game. Who would be with me on that?

    Fun Fact: In this episode of AVGN where he plays Castlevania, he actually uses his whip in some parts like when he talks about the pork chop in a wall.
  13. Starz Lol

    Starz Lol Level 5: Spiny

    felix the cat skin.png
    roses are red
    violets are blue
    I made a felix the cat skin
    don't go looking that up if you don't want to be scarred for life
  14. CowboyJoseph64

    CowboyJoseph64 Level 6: Lakitu

    Fun fact, avgn had an actual game. 2 of them, it makes sense to do those. And they match megaman more than castlevania.
  15. Starz Lol

    Starz Lol Level 5: Spiny

    decided to do the guy from frankenstein
    let's just say it wasn't easy getting the sprites to fit

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