Simon/Trevor and Ryu/Ken as "New" Characters

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    While skins have great variety as far as possible gameplay differences, there are still limitations. Castlevania and Ninja Gaiden offer differences with each installment, so the only way to convey this would be making Simon and Trevor separate characters and adding Ken Hayabusa as well.

    Here's how it would work...

    Simon would have Vampire Killer styled gameplay. Only Holy Water and Stopwatch uses hearts. The Knife/Boomerang/Axe replaces whip when obtained. There are only two Knifes on screen at a time. Then the Boomerang travels full screen, the Axe doesn't arch, but travels like Boomerang just only half screen and is stronger. If the Boomerang or Axe isn't caught, Simon loses it and goes back to default whip. Additional powerups such as Boots for faster running speed, and Wings for higher jump height could also be added. Meanwhile, Trevor retains the classic Castlevania gameplay.

    Ryu would be based on Ninja Gaiden 3. He has the Sword Extension, but not the Jump Slash. Ken is based on the first Ninja Gaiden. He has the Jump Slash, but not the Sword Extension. Ken can only cling to walls, and not climb them. To compensate he would be able to double jump.
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    inb4 someone thinks you mean ryu and ken the street fighter characters
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    It's Ryu HAYABUSA, and his father, KEN HAYABUSA. :p

    Not many people are aware of Vampire Killer, but it's a remake of the first Castlevania on the Japanese MSX system.
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    Bump. If the Ryu Clone powerup is added, then I'd suggest additional changes as follows:

    Shuriken, Windmill Shuriken, Upward Fire Ninpo, Jump Slash, Ryu Clones, Hourglass

    Shuriken, Windmill Shuriken, Upward Fire Ninpo, Downward Fire Ninpo, Sword Extension

    Also, if the DFN is armor piercing along with the Windmill Shuriken, so should the Jump Slash.
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    Bump for more ideas!!!!

    I remembered Ryu in NG3 DOESN'T have Shuriken. He begins with Windmill Shuriken. So that's a possible thing to consider if we want to get as close as possible to actual gameplay similarities. If this is the case the Windmill Shuriken shouldn't be armor piercing. Ryu's Downward Fire Ninpo and Ken's Jump Slash should be enough for that.

    Also, if Shield mechanics are ever added, Simon in both Vampire Killer and Castlevania II have shield items. Both can be used to block projectiles, so this would be another major difference between him and Trevor.

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