Simons Stinkin' Quest

Discussion in 'Characters' started by LakituRobot, Feb 20, 2015.

  1. LakituRobot

    LakituRobot Level 0: Newbie

    What is Simon's music in the first level of the first Crossover?

    Also, why the heck is Simon so glitchy.

    Really, he tries to jump on a single block and he flies everywhere....
  2. Faruga

    Faruga Level 12: Super Mod

    I believe you're referring to this.

    Are you talking about the inability to change direction in midair in the original version?
  3. LakituRobot

    LakituRobot Level 0: Newbie

    Yes, it seems that is what makes the character not as fun to use.
  4. TheomanZero

    TheomanZero Level 9: Spike Top

    Just set "Classic Simon" to "Off", then.
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