Site gets Hacked, Forums get Upgraded

Discussion in 'Exploding Rabbit' started by Jay, Jul 6, 2011.

  1. Jay

    Jay Level 13: ER Team

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  2. Thunk

    Thunk Level 3: Paratroopa

    First! (Welcome back!) :dtmf:
  3. Rey D

    Rey D Level 12: Super Mod

    I went back to see if the site's going well, since no one's been on the chat for a while, and what do I see? A completely revamped forum awesome-looking and blowing my mind. That's awesome, yes. I hope my presence do not slow the fixings of the siten though.
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  4. Crazy

    Crazy Level 4: Buzzy Beetle

    It shouldn't, if anything you can notify Jay of any problems that forum has still.
  5. roman6a

    roman6a Level 8: Hammer Bro

    this is AWESOME.
  6. Crownjo

    Crownjo Level 7: Bloober

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  7. uglyrodent

    uglyrodent Level 9: Spike Top

    Ehh, it's pretty shiny and nice, but I can't say I'm too big a fan of the new layout.
    Oh well, I'll just have to get used to it :p

    This really is the high point of my day, though. Thanks Jay!
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  8. Ravior

    Ravior Level 8: Hammer Bro

    I'm so glad ER is back. The chat is a lot better than I imagined it to be.
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  9. Faruga

    Faruga Level 12: Super Mod

    This is awesome! Too bad I can't change my avatar until tomorrow, though...
    EDIT: AWESOME I CAN TELL WHEN POSTS ARE NEW I'M LOVIN' IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  10. DeviantDiscordian

    DeviantDiscordian Level 6: Lakitu

    Wow that was pretty quick getting the new forums set up. Good job Jay!

    Now I'm off to check out how different it is from the old one.
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  11. Faruga

    Faruga Level 12: Super Mod

    One question:
    What are "trophy points"?
  12. Jay

    Jay Level 13: ER Team

    I worked on it pretty much 24/7 since Sunday. Zach also helped.
    Just a fun little reward system. You can see a list of the trophies here.
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  13. Faruga

    Faruga Level 12: Super Mod

    I mean the POINTS, not the trophies themselves. And on the list, what do the numbers on the sides mean?
    BTW, cool - rich text and BBCode! On Chrome, Vbulletin only allowed BBCode editing - but on IE, the text was rich. And now we can have both! YAY!
    And did you find a way to remove the age limit from Wikia? I've discovered that it won't let you make an account unless you're over 13 (sorry KN!).
  14. Jay

    Jay Level 13: ER Team

    You get a certain amount of points for each trophy. That's what the numbers are for. They're not used for anything besides bragging rights.
    I wasn't aware there was an age limit. I'll look into it. Thanks for letting me know.

    Also, I got an alert because you quoted me and that's why I responded. I really like the alert system.
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  15. Faruga

    Faruga Level 12: Super Mod

    So do/did I.
    Hey, I just realized that there's an un-like button now - very handy!
    EDIT: I just made a chat room for SMBC. I think I'll make some more.
    EDIT 2: I just realized that you don't get your old thanks back. D:
  16. ketchupninja

    ketchupninja Level 9: Spike Top


    I'm still blundering around this new forum...

    An in-site chat?! Trophies?! PIE?!

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  17. Faruga

    Faruga Level 12: Super Mod

    It is rather amazing, isn't it? But where does pie come in?
    Or were you joking...?
  18. ketchupninja

    ketchupninja Level 9: Spike Top

    Pie comes in....

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  19. sbq92

    sbq92 Level 9: Spike Top

    I must say I quite like this new layout. I suppose it was about time for an update. One thing that is somewhat unfortunate is that all our "thanks" are gone, and while the new 'Like' system is more in line with the rest of the internet, it would have been nice if the "thanks" had carried over. Oh well. That's not really that big a deal. Everything else is great. I enjoyed signing in and having 10 trophies all of a sudden! :p
  20. Camo Yoshi

    Camo Yoshi Level 4: Buzzy Beetle

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