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Discussion in 'Features' started by Xman321, Feb 13, 2012.

  1. Xman321

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    basicly what would happen is in the grafhics options there would be a button that said "upload skin"
    you press it and a thing with your pictures on your computer would show up, click the image with the edited sprite sheet (Get one in the wiki), pick the charater then boom. your skin is in the game, but only on your computer, and you have to save to keep it. all well. at least then pepole could make there own skins, by the way, the skins name would be the normal charaters name. the only bad thing is that errors would happen if you used something that wasn't a sprite sheet. but how is it

  2. uglyrodent

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    Sorry, nope. There are certain little tweaks that have to be done in order to make sure it works and looks right, things too technical for us mortals to really do effectively. The only way to ensure the quality of the skins would be for Jay and Ryuza to do this themselves (i.e. the current system).

    Not that I don't WANT your feature, it just wouldn't really be feasible from a technical standpoint without sucking major ass.
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    UR, I'm starting to read all your posts in your voice. Especially when you capitalize words.
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    k. but well. sucking depends on if you did it badly. besides, jay could test his skin with the game, then he could make it offical. besides, some pepole could just recolor (EX: recolor Link's green to red, Ryu's blue to black.) how would that suck?

    What do you mean. I'm a kid.
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    I agree that recolors and such would work, but other ones like fully custom sheets or replacing it with a different character (i.e. the majority of the skins being made by the community) would show issues. ESPECIALLY with things like adjusted bullet height as seen in Protoman. The workaround for this is to add tools to allow things like this (like saying where bullets come from), but that would require a shitload of programming to implement and likely people would use it to break the game (making Samus' bullets come from low enough to hit Goombas without ducking for example).
    Of course there is a workaround for THAT, but it means the bullets could only be in a certain range...but that's more programming.
    My point is the effort to payoff ratio for Jay is pretty low.

    He means that when he reads my posts he reads them in my name. I'm UR (ugly rodent=U R), so he started that sentence by addressing me.
  6. Xman321

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    and the rest of what you said.

    heres this


    change that to this -


    it should still hit the gomba.

    hit boxes would stay, even if they don't hit. they may look bad. but people will get the hang of it soon enouth.

    hows that
  7. uglyrodent

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    This isn't about hitboxes though, it's about adjusting minor details that determine how the character act that are too much effort to make a public tool. I don't know all of them (all I am aware of is the bullet thing) but I know Jay and Ryuza have to do a bit of work to get a skin working correctly.
  8. Xman321

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    hmmm. if Jay comes I'll tell him if he can try making a beta of this feature, make a skin (Don't do the stuff they do), and try it.
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