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    I'm currently waiting for someone from the staff to give me an opinion.
  2. sbq92

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    Your Link sheets are very large. A lot of the elements are unnecessary because of the way we have things set up. That's why the official sheets are so small in comparison. Uglyrodent is pretty much right. The smaller sheets are more user friendly, and that's important when you're giving the ability to create something to a large number of people.

    It is cool that people are experimenting like this, though. I would ask that people make sure to label them as unofficial, though, so that people who don't know enough about the skinning system don't see them and think they're supposed to be using them. :)
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  3. Rey D

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    It doesn't look like they will, so I suggest editing their posts yourself, at least to add big bold letters.
  4. TheomanZero

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    I've noticed that several of the custom 16-bit skins (Bill, Ryu, Simon, and Sophia in particular) use dark gray as an outline color instead of black. Is this because you're concerned how it will look on a black background? And if so, should we avoid using black outlines in our custom 16-bit skins?
  5. sbq92

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    It's entirely up to you. Considering most, if not all, NES skins have black outlines, we're not too worried about how the characters look against black backgrounds. Many SNES and Genesis games used dark gray outlines, but other used black outlines. We basically do it on a skin-by-skin basis. For any official games, we try to use whatever they use, but for custom graphics we basically just have to make a choice.
  6. TheomanZero

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    The Fire Flower is still determined by the Map Skin, not the Character Skin. In v2.0 it was a universal power-up, but now it's specific to Mario and Luigi, so it seems like it should be part of the Character Skin, like all the other character-specific power-ups (especially since Mario & Luigi's Skin templates already have Fire Flowers on them).

    The only problem I can see with this is that the Fire Flower has multiple animation frames on some skins, so they'd have to be added to the Character Skin templates. There's plenty of room (especially if you get rid of the Mushroom and Star, which are universal and don't need to be there), and all the frames already exist on the Map Skins.

    EDIT: I recently found out that Samus' power-ups use palette-based flashing, and I believe all of the Fire Flowers' animations are just palette changes, too. So I guess extra frames don't need to be added to the templates after all.
  7. TheomanZero

    TheomanZero Level 9: Spike Top

    I just discovered that Super Mario Advance 4 contains Spike Tops:
    SMA4 Spike Tops.PNG
    . . . but they're just edits of the Super Mario World Spike Tops so I don't know if you want to use them?
  8. Mariofan5000

    Mariofan5000 Level 6: Lakitu

    How did I forget about this??? The spike-top in SMBC should be changed immediately!
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  9. TheomanZero

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    Well, I think the one that's in the game kind of looks better. If it was just a recolored SMW Spike Top I wouldn't have even mentioned it, but it has black outlines added to fit the SMB3 style better, so it caught my interest. Also, that pink color is neither from SMW nor from SMA2. I'll leave it up to Blaine's judgement. (And in any case the 8-bit SMB3 Spike Top is probably staying the same.)
    Also, SMA4 has scale platforms as well:
    SMA4 Scale Platforms.PNG
    These can be put in, but again, the 8-bit version should probably be left as-is.
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  10. sbq92

    sbq92 Level 9: Spike Top

    I have no intention of changing the Spike Top for the SMB3 SNES skin. Just because it's in SMA4 doesn't necessarily mean it belongs in the SMB3 SNES skin. The current one fits SMAS SMB3's style much better, so I'll be sticking with that.

    As for the platforms, I probably won't be changing them either. They look okay, but the ones that are currently used for the skin match SMAS SMB3 better.
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  11. TheomanZero

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    I understand. I was honestly pretty hesitant about posting the sprites here in the first place.
  12. MissingNo2

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    Wrong thread, this actually goes in "Skin Sets".
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  13. Mitewing

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    I have ideas about improving existing skins for if there's ever a chance in the future a skin update is made. Would I keep my suggestions in the character's skin thread? Or would it be better if I compiled all of them together, and if so, what thread would be best to put them in?
  14. Mariofan5000

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    I think you should compile.
  15. Mitewing

    Mitewing Level 9: Spike Top

    Okay. But where to post them? On an existing thread or make a new one?
  16. Mitewing

    Mitewing Level 9: Spike Top

    I'm just gonna post them here. If it needs to moved elsewhere, a Mod can let me know. Most of these are Mega Man/Bass skins, FYI.

    Dr. Wily 8/16bit: While I think a few weapons are appropriate, some love for MM10 is needed. These weapons can be found on @Clippit 's Sheep Man skin.

    Pharaoh Shot=Solar Blaze
    Flame Blast=Commando Bomb
    Magma Bazooka=Triple Blade
    Screw Crusher=Wheel Cutter

    Mr. X 8/16 bit=As many weapons from MM6 should be represented. The Wind Storm currently in the skin is what Wind Man throws, but isn't MM's actually weapon. He gets a Tornado/Funnel Cloud. This should be kept in mind if changes are made.

    Metal Blade=Silver Tomahawk
    Pharaoh Shot=Blizzard Attack (Blizzard Man rolls up in a ball. This could be used minus the yellow/orange colors in the sprites)
    Magma Bazooka=Yamato Spear (the large projectiles can be 3 spears in "V" formation. OR it can be the "Centaur Arrow" found in Power Fighters.
    Screw Crusher=The REAL Wind Storm

    Dr. Cossack 8/16 bit & Skull Man:
    Flame Blast=Drill Bomb
    Magma Bazooka=Dust Crusher
    Screw Crusher=Skeleton Joe's Bone. This is found on Clippit's Sniper Joe skin.

    Quick Man 8/16 bit:
    Magma Bazooka=Air Shooter. Found on Clippit's Metal Man skin.

    Dr Light: It looks like a MM9 theme was being attempted. Here's how it can work.

    Metal Blade=Laser Trident
    Pharaoh Shot=Black Hole Bomb
    Flame Blast=Plug Ball or Concrete Shot
    Screw Crusher=Tornado Blow

    Also change Rush to the regular Coil. I don't believe he should have Rush.

    Cut Man 8/16 bit:
    Magma Bazooka=Triple Blade

    Quint=All weapons found in GB game Mega Man V.
    Charged Buster=Mega Arm
    Super Arm=Deep Digger
    Metal Blade=Grab Buster
    Hard Knuckle=Photon Missile
    Pharaoh Shot=Black Hole
    Charge Kick=Break Dash (This would change Quint to a dashing skin)
    Flame Blast=Electric Shock
    Magma Bazooka=Salt Water
    Water Shield=Bubble Bomb

    BILL=Change Flame gun bullet sprites on Super C skins to match for Super C game, if applicable.
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    The wiki won't, at all.
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    I think you have to create a separate login account.
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    i think you don't
    EDIT: this is my 8000th post i think?
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