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Discussion in 'Skins' started by Ryuza, Jan 16, 2012.

  1. Ryuza

    Ryuza Level 6: Lakitu

    The big shield will be placed over the small one, but its not in the game right now. As for the MegaMan arms I'll make something quick to explain it.

    Edit: Here's a key for which arms go with which weapons:
    MegaMan Arm Key.png
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  2. silentshadowxp

    silentshadowxp Level 7: Bloober

    Boo, no reply for my backgrounds question? T^T
  3. Ryuza

    Ryuza Level 6: Lakitu

    Oh, sorry, hadn't noticed, yeah each theme can have a different backgrounds, you can also give the same theme multiple background so some stages will use one and some will use the other.

    The backgrounds can loop to the end of the stage or you can make it as long as most stages.
  4. Protoman22

    Protoman22 Level 2: Koopa

    just as i thought, this will end up being a lot like Mushroom Kingdom Fusion but with much better controls
  5. Ryuza

    Ryuza Level 6: Lakitu

    Things will be a lot more organized here :) MKF seems pretty mixed up and a lot of it doesn't match up with each other.
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  6. silentshadowxp

    silentshadowxp Level 7: Bloober

    Quick question, you said that you can change Mega Man's shot height or something like that, what other things are you guys lenient about? How about the size of a skin? Do you change hit boxes if they are shorter?

    For instance (and this is merely an example, I wasn't planning on this but it does sound awesome), say I were to create a Rambo style Goomba (we'll call him Goombo for the sake of this conversation), and I wanted him to be a skin for Bill. Would making Goombo a skin for Bill make him hit blocks that are 10 pixels higher than him because of the height difference, or would you change the hit box to where it would allow for such a skin to work properly? Or is it necessary that we try to keep the height and width of a skin as close as possible to the original character?

    The reason I bring this up is that I see a lot of free space in the sprite sheets and it made me curious as to how much leeway we have with the size of characters.
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  7. Ryuza

    Ryuza Level 6: Lakitu

    We were thinking of making it so you could change hitboxes later but for now the only thing we can really change without a bit of extra work is the shooting height.
  8. Crownjo

    Crownjo Level 7: Bloober

    Thank you.
  9. silentshadowxp

    silentshadowxp Level 7: Bloober

    That's awesome that you are considering that. I was actually thinking that (in case he doesn't make it into the game at some point) it would be cool to have a Kirby skin for each character, that way it's like he copied their abilities. But like the Goombo example, that would be difficult when dealing with the size of the characters.

    A Kirby skin for Mega Man is looking pretty cool at the moment though!
  10. sbq92

    sbq92 Level 9: Spike Top

    You might be surprised at how quickly you get used to a hitbox that doesn't quite match your character. Kirby is really only 8 pixels shorter than Mega Man, which is only half a brick in in-game terms. A Kirby skin would probably work very well, despite the smaller sprite size. :)

    EDIT: I've started a sheet, but I won't have time to finish it until later tonight.
  11. silentshadowxp

    silentshadowxp Level 7: Bloober

    I'll probably work on one tonight or tomorrow as well and we can compare/collaborate with it if you like. Mix and match what we come up with. At the moment I'm picturing Kirby wearing a Mega Man helmet and turning Mega Man's moves into old school Kirby moves XD
  12. SketchMan3

    SketchMan3 Level 3: Paratroopa

    I dunno... a hitbox that's smaller than the character is fine, but a hitbox that's bigger than the sprite? That calls for all sorts of frustration. At least give Kirby something sticking out of his head to make his sprite taller.
  13. sbq92

    sbq92 Level 9: Spike Top

    I was just going to make it Kirby. He actually seems to have all the moves that Mega Man has. A Mega Man Kirby would also be cool, though. I don't see why it can't be two different skins. :)

    I agree it's questionable, but it shouldn't be as bad as it sounds, especially considering in SMB you mostly get hit from the side. I suppose another issue could be jumping to hit bricks, but that shouldn't be too big a deal either. It will be noticeable, but not absurdly so. :)

    EDIT: I've posted the Kirby skin here.
  14. Sniperassassinx

    Sniperassassinx Level 4: Buzzy Beetle

    quick question; where do we post the custom skins for characters?
  15. aliceandsven

    aliceandsven Level 9: Spike Top

    In the Skins sub-forum
  16. uglyrodent

    uglyrodent Level 9: Spike Top

    In that character's skin thread.
  17. SketchMan3

    SketchMan3 Level 3: Paratroopa

    I've played (and made) games with over-sized hit-boxes. it's not fun to not get hit by something and die. Having experienced it... it's pretty bad. But, you're right, I got used to it. I just had to keep my distance.

    The only issue I can see is with Bullet Bills. Seeing as Kirby is 16 pixels tall (the size of small Mario), Bullet Bills one block above the ground should pass over his head with no problems. He should also be able to walk under bloobers with no problem.

    But, hey, I'm not complaining... am I? Having said all that, I look forward to it if he makes the cut.
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  18. sbq92

    sbq92 Level 9: Spike Top

    Zach could potentially adjust the hitbox for the Kirby skin, sort of as an example of future plans to make customizable hitboxes. :)
  19. Ryuza

    Ryuza Level 6: Lakitu

    Its actually Jay that controls the hitboxes as of right now so there probably isn't anything we could do cause he'd have to reprogram a lot to set it up.
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  20. silentshadowxp

    silentshadowxp Level 7: Bloober

    I'm working on a map skin at the moment, and I notice these purple dots at the top of boxes. Do we need to leave these where they are or get rid of them? They look like they were just put there to show us what order the animations go in, but I figured I'd make sure if it's alright to get rid of those before actually finishing the skin.

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