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Discussion in 'Features' started by Captain Rizer, Feb 12, 2012.

  1. I said it once, I'll say it again... floppy_penis.gif mode
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  2. mariodude1sonicman2

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  3. sbq92

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    I was playing Very Hard today, and I thought it would be fitting if the Piranha Plants were the red variety that come out of the pipe even if you're standing on it (provided that's what they're supposed to do).
  4. TheomanZero

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    That could work. Very Hard already has one enemy that never appeared in SMB, and Red Pirahna Plants are already in the Enemy Skin template.
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  5. Mr.Giang

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    I have an idea. When Bowser's dead, he will turn into a normal enemy then fall so how about give him another death animation like when he's killed by Megaman or Bass, he will turn into energy balls or when he's killed by Simon, he will be burned.
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  6. uglyrodent

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    Seconded so hard. Enemy deaths are already on the character skins, so for the most part this shouldn't be terribly hard to implement (Bowser is just an enemy after all).
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  7. Faruga

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    This for Lakitu as well.
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  8. huang17

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    Or when Bowser is killed by SOPHIA, Bowser explodes. View attachment 3794
    The "SOPHIA Explosion" sprites can be used for Bowser exploding(if you have better sprites feel free to put them here).

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  9. TheomanZero

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    I don't know . . . if you did that, wouldn't you miss out on seeing which enemy each Fake Bowser was?
    Lakitu, on the other hand, has no excuse for not using character-specific death animations. (I thought it already did?)
  10. sbq92

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    I would like to see an in-game real-time counter (either on-screen or "behind-the-scenes") for speedrunning purposes. Here are some thoughts for it:
    • It only counts actual time spent playing, so the timer pauses:
      • When the game is paused
      • During level cards
      • From the moment you grab the axe until the moment the next level starts
    • The time is recorded at the beginning of each level for save file purposes, so if you load a saved game you start with the same amount of time as when you began the level you saved on
    • If the Level Select cheat is used, the timer reverts back to 00:00:00.00 and stays paused
    I don't know if all of these options are doable, but I don't see why not. I think the timer would be a great addition, and it could probably have the option of having it display in-game or not, so it wouldn't necessarily be intrusive to those who don't want to use it.

    I suppose an alternative option is to have a speedrun mode, where you intentionally run through the game with a timer on. However, it seems like it would be easier to always have the timer going, and then always have your time display at the end of the game. For those who want it, it's there. For those who don't care, it's there but doesn't mean anything for them. :)
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  11. uglyrodent

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    It seems to me that in all speedruns there is a certain amount that cannot be skipped. Cutscenes, level intros, etc. It seems to me that it makes sense for SMBC to also have the time be consistent; speedruns are a measure of how fast you can go from the beginning to the end, not a measure of how much time you spent actually hitting keys.
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  12. TheomanZero

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    A Time Attack mode would be neat, but I have no idea how hard it would be to implement. It's basically like a "speedrun mode", but on a level-by-level basis.
  13. Frozsoul

    Frozsoul Level 6: Lakitu

    Although I have no interest personally in speed running, I fully support this idea. On a somewhat related note, it would also be awesome if a future version of SMBC supported in-game video recording, but as that doesn't really belong in "small additions to make the game better" I won't go any further on this.

    I think it would be cool if points were useful for something other than just a high score. I'm not sure exactly what this should be, but I feel like there should be a decent incentive to rack up points, as a way to encourage smarter (and more) enemy defeats and destruction of bricks, as well as discourage warping. Just thinking aloud, perhaps achieving particular scores could unlock certain cheats, or they could be used to "purchase" upgrades when selecting your character in any mode (similar to Survival mode's power-up system).

    Edit: Also, I've been thinking about this for a while, and I'm not sure that Survival mode is aptly named. Whenever I think of survival mode as they apply to other games, I think of a constant streaming encounter of enemies that becomes more difficult over time and you see how long you can last (which could actually work in SMBC, perhaps using minus world levels which never end with an increasing counter of enemies). The Survival mode that is currently in the game might be more aptly named Team Battle.
  14. sbq92

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    The timer in MM9/10 doesn't count certain things, such as the weapon menu, and I think boss intros may not count either. I guess it may very well be a difference between a "speedrun" and a "time attack." I just figure, though, that if a timer is implemented, and the technology exists to be able to stop the timer (it has to, at the end of the game), then why not have it simply pause during moments you can't control not being able to do anything? It would definitely change the current speedrun times out there, but it would also make it a lot easier to record such times. I suppose an additional "feature" would be that if you die, the timer would pause, but it wouldn't revert to an earlier time, it would just continue where it left off when you come back.
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  15. TheomanZero

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    As far as I know, most speedruns time from the moment you press start to the start of the final boss' death animation (or equivalent). However, if there is an in-game timer of some sort (and quite a few games have one), then that is used, and that generally does not count cutscenes and other non-interactive periods.
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  16. Faruga

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    I actually just thought of something inspired by Super Mario 3D Land. In that game, the Fake Bowsers are Goombas with a Super Leaf. When the switch is hit, Bowser falls into the lava and bounces back out and, with a poof, turns into a Goomba and a Super Leaf.

    It's at 2:10. Now, suppose Bowser gets destroyed with the normal enemy death animation, revealing what's inside, which then gets destroyed with the boss death animation (the real Bowser simply gets killed with the boss death animation)?
    Yeah, but it uses enemy animations. Think about it - Lakitu exploding into particles would be awesome, wouldn't it?
    It does, actually.
  17. sbq92

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    I just checked a video, and it doesn't count the menu screen in at least MM9's time attack mode (and presumably MM10's time attack mode as well). I don't know about the timer for a normal playthrough, though.
  18. Faruga

    Faruga Level 12: Super Mod

    Pretty sure time's counted through the weapon select (but not the bit that appears with the select button) in MM10.
  19. sbq92

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    True, I just looked into it. MM10's weapon menu did still count time, even in time attacks. I suppose they may have changed it because people were menu spamming when switching weapons and using it to save time, since pausing removed weapons from the screen, so they could attack, pause-unpause, attack, pause-unpause, attack, etc., and it would be like firing a whole bunch of the weapon within a fraction of a second.
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  20. aliceandsven

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    I don't know how I feel about pausing for the pause menu and for deaths.

    The time spent in the pause menu is fully under the player's control. Also if you get to save and quit and come back later that's not really a speed run... You should have to do it in one sitting.
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