Confirmed Small glitch with Bill Rizer's controls

Discussion in 'Bugs' started by MetoolDaddy, Jan 4, 2014.

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    This has been known for a while. I guess it was too awesome to take out.
    Also, quite a lot of games are glitchy when left and right are held at the same time, simply because it isn't normally possible. In SMBDX, you move right while facing left (which triggers skidding), and in A Link to the Past it actually lets you beat the game in two minutes.
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    IIRC (and I very well may not RC), this is an actual bug in Contra that was added/intentionally not fixed for accuracy.

    Honestly, even if I'm wrong (I probably am), it's like Mario-Fan said: too awesome to fix.
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    I'm too lazy to download a ROM myself, so
    It simply makes Bill run in the direction last pressed. I don't know if this is emulator or game, but whatever.
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