Official SMB Special vs. Lost Levels

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Which stages would be easier for us to add?

  1. SMB Special

    33 vote(s)
  2. Lost Levels

    45 vote(s)
  1. Anon421

    Anon421 Guest

    I agree, we finally need a version that is incomplete shit! ... :p

    All jokes aside, I would say SMB Special is easier to add. Sure, LL is pretty much just level-design, there aren't many new/different features, other than the poisoned mushroom and stuff like that. But in order to beat LL with other characters, all of them will need a double-jump or a dash of some sort, and the stomp, since that's required for certain jumps in the game.
  2. Lilfut

    Lilfut Level 7: Bloober

    Okay, yeah, definitely Special.
  3. ThomasMink

    ThomasMink Level 5: Spiny

    I've honestly never heard of SMB Special until this forum, but I do know LL. From just a Mario and Luigi standpoint, all it is is remaking the levels (for the most part).. but having to redesign every stage to accommodate each of the characters in SMBC sounds like a horribly daunting task to me.
  4. coolman

    coolman Level 5: Spiny

    Just a question:
    What are the new enmy in SMBS?
  5. Lilfut

    Lilfut Level 7: Bloober

    Barrels and Fires from DK arcade, Sidesteppers, Fighter Flies, and Icicles (NOT Freezies) from Mario Bros Arcade. None of these can be stomped, so they have to be killed with fireballs.

    There are also some new powerups, including the hammer from DK arcade, a wing that lets you swim in midair (not sure how that'll work for characters like Simon or Link), a clock that increases your time (might need additional effect in Infinite Time mode), an atom thingy that kills all onscreen enemies, and the Hudson Bee which just gives you 8000 points.

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  6. Jay

    Jay Level 13: ER Team

    We'll probably end up doing Special. There's also that really weird version called "Bros" or something, but that's probably too obscure.

    I don't remember that one... guess I'll have to look into the game a bit more.
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  7. Alias X Beoulve

    Alias X Beoulve Level -1: Banned

    Aw. I hope Lost Levels makes its way into the game someday! :)
    It'll be that much harder to avoid those poison mushrooms.. Plus all the foliage looks different than mario 1.. Hmm, Lost Levels skin for smbc? XD Someone probably suggested it already.
  8. Lilfut

    Lilfut Level 7: Bloober

    BROS would rock, and it's not much more obscure than SMBS. Make it low priority, though, along with maybe the Super Boy series.
  9. TiagoDu

    TiagoDu Level 6: Lakitu

    I must ask this: If SMBS gets added, what do you plan doing about the hammer? Make them Mario bros. only? Remove them or replace them with already existent powerups?
    The other powerups can be universal so no big deal.
    The enemies are independent from the characters so no big deal here too.
  10. Lilfut

    Lilfut Level 7: Bloober

    The Hammer would just be an issue of making new animations for everyone, and the Wing can be solved by just making it give characters multiple jumps.
  11. TheomanZero

    TheomanZero Level 9: Spike Top

    Or water physics.
  12. Lilfut

    Lilfut Level 7: Bloober

    Except some characters have their physics unchanged in the water (Link, Samus, Simon IIRC), so it would be useless for them.
  13. TiagoDu

    TiagoDu Level 6: Lakitu

    Well, the wing gives mario underwater physics, so why don't give all characters underwater physics?
    And the hammer......i don't hink it fits everybody as a powerup.......idk, i think it should be Mario bros only.
    EDIT: Actuall, they have low gravity underwater, resulting in a higher jump. They actually change physics.
  14. Lilfut

    Lilfut Level 7: Bloober

    You need to realize, a good bit of the level design is based around those powerups. Removing them would be like removing the weird from Mario Land 1.
  15. TiagoDu

    TiagoDu Level 6: Lakitu

    But the other characters have other weapons that removes the need for the hammer for them.
    The hammer's use on SMBS was mostly for not-fire mario to be able to pass places with enemies you can't stomp.
    The other characters have other weapons for these enemies, so they don't need the hammer.
    The wing makes everybody have underwater physics, this means swimming for mario and higher jumps for the others.
    The other 2 items (Bee and Clock) revolves around time and points, so they can be universal without problems.
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  16. Lilfut

    Lilfut Level 7: Bloober

    I do sorta wish that the non-stompable enemies were sort of on the tier of armored enemies, to preserve that property of them. Basically, if you aren't Mario, they should have the same weaknesses and resistances as Buzzy Beetles.
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  17. Crownjo

    Crownjo Level 7: Bloober

    Special it is! Obscure is good.
  18. TheomanZero

    TheomanZero Level 9: Spike Top

    Link has swimming sprites on his sheets, so I think that's planned for the future. It's also been suggested that Simon get infinite double jumps underwater.
  19. Mitewing

    Mitewing Level 9: Spike Top

    I also read somewhere that the Bee enabled continues. If you don't get it, you can't continue after a game over. Not sure though.
  20. Crownjo

    Crownjo Level 7: Bloober

    With the way SMBC works Bee locations could be replaced with 1ups.
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