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    A thread for Snake Eyes from Taxan's G.I. JOE. I did this with Version 1.x in mind so stuff I wrote might be obsolete now that 2.0 is on the way. Thought I'd post it all the same.

    OVERVIEW: Snake Eyes was one of the six playable Joes in Taxan's 2-D platformer based on the hit cartoon/toyline. This ninja had a katana for close encounters and was the only one of his comrades to use ammo-less 'jitsu' fireballs instead of guns. He also had the highest jump, which gave him a bit more maneuverability than the rest and let him reach objects or locations that the others couldn't. His popularity among fans and non-fans alike make him the ideal G.I. JOE rep for SMBC.

    B: Slash
    A: Jump
    Up + B: Toss grenades upward in a narrow arc; destroys Buzzy Beetles
    Special: Toggle between sword and jitsu
    B (jitsu toggled): Fireballs
    Up + B (jitsu toggled): Shoot jitsu upward
    Down + B (jitsu toggled, midair only): Shoot jitsu downward

    Unlike Ryu whose Dragon Sword gets stronger with each powerup gained, Snake Eyes's development will focus on his jitsu.

    Unpowered: Snake Eyes shoots single balls of energy; relatively weak
    Mushroom: Jitsu manifests as dual balls of energy; damage increase
    Flower: Jitsu manifests as triangular waves; max damage

    -Functionally a cross between Ryu and Megaman with a dash of Simon
    -Can shoot straight up as well as straight down while in mid-air (DOWNWARD JITSU MOTHERFUCKER!)
    -Potential highest jump in the game, possibly exceeding Megaman's maximum height whether he's using Rush or whether he has his special jump option activated
    -Wall cling

    -We already have a ninja
    -Doesn't bring much in the way of new stuff to the game; could be more of a novelty character than anything else
    -Not much room for growth as far as 2.0 is concerned*

    *A possible workaround would be to use his incarnation from G.I. JOE: The Atlantis Factor and have Storm Shadow as his alt skin. This may result in considerably different controls and mechanics from the above, however.

    Selected- Select Team Member
    Overworld- Amazon Jungle
    Underworld- Mission Part 2
    Underwater- Sewers
    Night- Arctic
    Castle- Boss 3
    Entering Pipe- Mission Start
    Bonus Area- Cobra HQ
    Invincibility- Vehicle Theme
    Hurry!- Information For Boss Cobra
    Player Miss- Tactics Failure
    Game Over- Mission Incomplete
    Stage Clear- Next Mission
    Castle Clear- Password Screen or Vital Information For General Hawk
    Ending- Ending Sequence
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    Meh. Also on 2.0 only Mario and Luigi can get Fire Flowers now.
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    I would love the NES Snake Eyes to appear in this game as well.

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