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Discussion in 'Characters' started by pokemondream, Feb 7, 2011.

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    I spent days talking about that wit FuZ and we couldn't reach an agreement. It would be logical for the Fire Flower to give fire abilities, but it breaks the castle and we don't have much space for improvement there. Maybe if firebars acted like pinbal flippers if Sonic had a Fire Shield, constantly bumping you back.
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    That's an interesting idea. I suppose just because they're fire doesn't mean they don't have any force behind them. Would it be a lot of effort for you to program it so you could test it out?
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    Let's continue this discussion on the Sonic Boll thread ^^

    Some time ago we were warned to keep Sonic Boll stuff on its own thread.

    I'll try to make that flipper thing work.
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    Did Jay say something about this that I missed? Did he confirm that one of the new characters was from a Master System game or something?
    Anyway, I'm not so much concerned about "Nintendo/Not Nintendo" as "NES/Not NES". I might be willing to make an exception for Sonic (Smash Bros. did, after all), but I'm more concerned about his gameplay issues as I mentioned above.
    Sonic's a fine platformer, but his style of platforming is very different from Mario's. Mario's levels tend to be much tighter and more precise than Sonic's. Sonic's levels have areas to just roll around and play with the physics, while Mario's levels are either straightforward or puzzle-like
    No, I have not. However, I have played Mushroom Kingdom Fusion, and I know that Sonic is the character in that game least suited for anything the slightest bit precise or claustrophobic. They had to give his a Jump Cancel move to make the pixel-perfect platforming sections viable as him. Sonic is best suited to wide, open levels where he can fully open up and zoom around. The levels that are both open and short go by in a flash as him, and that describes about half of the levels in SMB.
  5. Omicron

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    I didn't have to give Sonic anything to fit with SB except for scaling the physics to the relative size of the sprites. If he doesn't fit in MKF, it's because the physics were not scaled to the correct dimensions, were not programmed correctly, or the programmer changed too much from the original (did i see Sonic using a gun?). Also, from what i see in some videos, Sonic's knockback is poorly done in that game.

    I recommend you play the current version of Sonic Boll so you can see for yourself what i'm trying to explain. The link is in my signature.
  6. Metalhog

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    You people that says Sonic isn't a suitable character for SMB seems to know him just on his modern version of "just put a weight pressing foward on the joystick and you will easily end the level".

    I'm fucking tired to see these same old 3 arguments of "NES/non nes, speed, sprite, blah blah blah". Fuck, we're fucking tired to already know the answers for it.
    It is so fun and cool to play Sonic on a Marble Zone stage too, and this is a stage that remembers so much SMB Gameplay. Sonic Boll prove so much that, plus all ReneX arguments and contra-arguments, that's it. Final Point.

    Let's start here in this thread discussing a new point. We already know Sonic can be a great char on SMB/SMBC, it is indiscussable for the great majority of people that played Sonic Boll.

    However, we have to discuss here a new point: how would Jay would make a different from Boll own Sonic for the crossover?

    That's the new focus we have to this discussion go on. If you want to talk about Sonic Boll, go there on its own thread on Creative Projects, as alerted by the moderator.
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  7. Omicron

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    Excellent point, so, let's begin.

    Sonic is much faster than all the other characters. A possible solution would be to have his acceleration physics similar to the Master System version, where Sonic's top speed is very low. This will balance him out towards the other characters. Also, the Elemental Shields can be taken out and replaced by the original protective Shield.
    The Master System sprites are without any doubt the worse ever shipped with an original, so the SPA sprites are the only reasonable option IMO.

    And, more importantly, no insta-shield. It takes most of the challenge away.
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  8. Metalhog

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    But which powers he should have when..

    If Sonic = :mario:


  9. Omicron

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    My ideas:
    (note: the speed values are arbitrary and may require further tuning)

    -Hit enemies flash white/black and are stunned for 500 ms, making Eggship hit sound.
    -Destroyed enemies make 'tew' and create smoke when destroyed as on Sonic games.
    -Getting a Fire Flower will always take Sonic to the third form.

    bn1.png Sonic can jump, spin attack, cannot destroy bricks and enemies take two hits to be destroyed. Max Speed: 1.5 px/60fps.

    bn1.png + :mush: = bm1.png Sonic gains the Spindash, and Max Speed is increased to 2.5 px/60fps. Hitting the spindash button accelerates coin mining from coin blocks just as with projectile-based characters. When charging a spindash, any enemies that happen to run into Sonic are destroyed. Now Sonic may destroy bricks by spinning on them. Spindashing above a brick breaks it.

    bn1.png / bm1.png + :fire: = bf1.png Sonic acquires a protective shield and his speed increases to 3.5 px/60fps. Sonic gains... I really don't know what to give Sonic in the third form. I think a Modern Sonic move which doesn't involve running even faster would fit. Maybe he could acquire the air tricks from Sonic Advance in such a way you can use Up+S to boost up, double-tap Side to boost there, air Side+S to spin horizontally, and a ground slide thing with S. Or the Homing Attack.
  10. Metalhog

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    The basic and shroomed Sonic on your idea seems so much the Sonic Boll version without insta-shield, but I can't see much more that can be made. That was what really worked there testing after testing.

    The "Robotnik hit style" for mario's enemies I really think it would be perfect and it really fits the Crossover hit style, the harder modes would increase the number of hits. Except for that the enemies aren't robotic. They're biological, and what should actually happen when Sonic spins on an enemie it is to spread blood everywhere :awesome: .
  11. Mitewing

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    Maybe for his first power up we can try to look at Mushroom Kingdom Fusion for inspiration. Sonic's first power up are '10 rings/coins'. Here's a quote from the Wiki. "Sonic will gain 10 rings/coins. If Sonic has at least 10 rings/coins, then a second-tier powerup will be given." Regarding Sonic I think we need to think outside the about his poweups.
  12. TheomanZero

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    Well, I don't think this should be too much like MKF.
  13. Mitewing

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    I don't think so either. But I think they're on to something regarding how Sonic powerups should work in a Mario game.
  14. GamingsCupofJoe

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    My idea for a character is Sonic. He would be faster then characters but be weaker in attacks. Heres some other ideas I have!

    Attack 1: You can run really fast for about 10 seconds if you hold down the button, hold it down for more then 10. You become dizzy and can't move for like 5 seconds.

    Attack 2: You press the jump button 2 or 3 times and he uses his spin attack to attack the enemie. I'm thinking of the Spin Attack you see in Sonic Colors basically

    Mushroom: Get a mushroom and you get a little bit tougher

    Fire Flower: Get a fire flower and you can toss rings!

    Star: Get a star too get a shield around you for about 15 seconds.

    Other Cool Stuff: If you get hit you spill rings! Rings won't help your health. Their just be a cool reference to the original game
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    Ugh another sonic topic.
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    Oh no! Not another! Quickly, I must be killed immeditaly for giving my idea and opinion!
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    In the wrong place!
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    Merged the new thread into this one... And giving it a fair bump back to first page.

    Also sonic boll is not where SMBC is discussed, discussion for Sonic in SMBC should be here.
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