SPECULATION: What will be added in the next MAJOR update?

Discussion in 'Game' started by Mitewing, Jul 9, 2010.


    BURGERMAN Level 6: Lakitu

    SPECULATION: What will be added in the next MAJOR update

    So i'm going under the impression that Jay has started v1.2 but how long will it take him to finish?
  2. Mad_Juice

    Mad_Juice Level 1: Goomba

    Jay will probably add him yelling "DOWNWARD THRUST MOTHERFUCKER!!!" whenever you choose link or downward thrust with link
  3. J Squared

    J Squared Level 7: Bloober

    We've decided to version-numerate it as "v2.0" now, since we're adding enough content that "v1.2" doesn't do it justice. Honestly, "v1.1" probably should've been higher too, but that's irreversible so we don't worry about it. v2.0 will be ready when it's ready. It should come out faster than it otherwise would since I'll be helping him with it. I've already spent several hundred hours so far, although a lot of it is on under-the-hood stuff, research, teaching Jay various things, and so forth. Lately we both haven't done any work on the game since our focus was the site, on which we spent about a combined total of 200 hours.

    Right now I'm taking a temporary break from Exploding Rabbit stuff (although I'm still fixing odds and ends with the forum). I can't speak for Jay but I should be resuming work on SMBC around the time I beat Metroid: Other M. As I'm playing through it with a friend, and as that friend isn't available all the time, I can't marathon through the game and beat it in a day or anything. I'll probably resume work on SMBC in a few days from now, and I will work diligently, although certain commitments I have outside of the Internet, particularly those that allow me to pay the bills, will take priority. We don't want to set strict deadlines on when v2.0 will be done because we feel it puts too much pressure on us to rush things out by that date. It time-throttles a more polished game; and if we set a release date too far back (i.e. like 2015 or something crazy) we would be finished too soon.

    We might set a release date shortly before the game comes out or something. I'll talk to Jay about that when we're close to being finished. Hope this reply helps.

    BURGERMAN Level 6: Lakitu

    Oh Thanks. Are you going to keep archived copies of all of the past versions (major ones) or will they just simply be replaced?
  5. insaneninja

    insaneninja Level 6: Lakitu

    i think jay will make it play it for a week then release it
  6. ketchupninja

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    I think Sonic will be added in version 2.0, mainly because he had been requested so much that J Squared had to tell everyone not to suggest him anymore. Either Sonic or Kirby.

    BURGERMAN Level 6: Lakitu

    Nah... I still dont think sonic given that he's not 8 bit. It's out out of Pit, Kirby, Luigi or Toad. Woudlnt it be weird if you can play as peach and save yourself.
  8. TooSlowGamer

    TooSlowGamer Level -1: Banned

    Just for the record, I know Jay tells you not to do this, but I have downloaded both versions so far. Just in case he doesn't keep them or never releases them and also for me to play offline.
  9. Jay

    Jay Level 13: ER Team

    I haven't yet decided if I'll do one big update or two small updates. But one thing is for sure. The next two big things I've got planned will cause you to have seizures. Especially the next character. At least, I know for sure I'll have a seizure when I start playing it. I've still been screwing around with this website so I haven't started yet, which is annoying. But I won't be able to hold back much longer, and I'll enter into super hyper focused work mode. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA just wait for the next trailer. I can already see it in my mind!!!!!
  10. fire sonic power

    fire sonic power Level 7: Bloober

    Those words just made me faint a while ago but then I woke up right and I feel my hands shaking in excitement!!. Hey why is the screen turning blurry? Oh shit!! (Thump) *lays on ground*
  11. Walrus

    Walrus Level 2: Koopa

    Well then, you better get crackin' after a tease like that. I can't wait for the trailer.
  12. nicpen

    nicpen Level 5: Spiny

    What are you guys saying about Sonic or Kirby? Jay Pavlina's said that he originally had nine characters in mind:

    Mega Man
    Simon Belmont
    Samus Aran
    Bill Rizer
    Ryu Hayabusa
    Sophia III

    So in the next release, the character he adds, if any, will be Luigi or Sophia III. He's also mentioned Ladd Spencer from Bionic Commando.
  13. uglyrodent

    uglyrodent Level 9: Spike Top

    The next update will be rated T for partial nudity and drug usage.

    BURGERMAN Level 6: Lakitu

    The Next update will be rated....
  15. Silas

    Silas Level 0: Newbie


    16 days later, have you decided whether or not to do one big update or two small updates? Ever since you posted this I have been anticipating who the next character will be.

    BURGERMAN Level 6: Lakitu

    I'm guessing the next character is Pit as he is one of the most suggested characters and he's just downright awesome. Jay has also hinted that there may me more than one new character so my next guess would be SMB3 Luigi.
  17. uglyrodent

    uglyrodent Level 9: Spike Top

    Well, as someone said, Luigi and Sophia III were cut from the original, making them the most likely additions.

    Personally, I want Pit most, but I doubt he'll get in anytime soon.
  18. I speculate that there will be a bug on google chrome and it will make the screen go blue, and then Jay pavlina will downward thrust that motherfucker... oh wait... damn work! got my prediction belated... trust me. i saw it commin' before it happened. :p

    (looks back and forth to check to notice if anyone noticed he was lying) *walks away whistling*
  19. dannzo29

    dannzo29 Level 1: Goomba

    I REALLY WANT kirby with limited flying, bomberman with bigger bomb explosions than samus and pit with arrow shooting. oh and ligi would be cool too!
  20. insaneninja

    insaneninja Level 6: Lakitu

    he will change it to super mario 64 crossover

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