SPECULATION: What will be added in the next MAJOR update?

Discussion in 'Game' started by Mitewing, Jul 9, 2010.

  1. it's a big update. i'm taking that as a hint. maybe big boss? maybe big head mode, maybe extra levels (like the lost levels)

    these are some of my speculations.

    also to copy burgerman:

  2. Urutsune

    Urutsune Level 6: Lakitu

    Big? BIG!!!! OMG! Maybe it willlbe Godzilla! I mean, what could be bigger then Godzilla? D8
    Maybe there will be a Godzilla mode where Godzilla will chase you through the level and destroys everything in it's path!

    BURGERMAN Level 6: Lakitu

    Simultaneous multiplayer battle mode, revised character select, NEW CHARACTERS and lost levels.
  4. mitsymckenzie777

    mitsymckenzie777 Level 6: Lakitu

    Well it seems like after I posted sprites for Black Mage and White Mage he posted that blog or whatever. So maybe Black Mage and White Mage as characters? Meaning new guy and gal for SMBC? I mean he did say it would be big. So whats bigger than a new lovely lady being added?
  5. Omar Daniel Bonilla

    Omar Daniel Bonilla Level 1: Goomba

    SUPER??? :eek:

    HYPER??? :eek:

    Could the new character be Sonic? :eek:
  6. Faruga

    Faruga Level 12: Super Mod

    I hope it will be Kirby. Only will he be "copy-catting" or will he not?
  7. Urutsune

    Urutsune Level 6: Lakitu

    Well Jay said it will be someone who will bring in some new gameplay too. So it will be probably someone who brings in some new stuffs. This makes it posssible to be well... still wat too much character. DAYUM!
    I just can't tell it what character will be next in most likely. I mean I could tell on the prvirous that it will be Ryu, but now. Too much possible character whos would be same awesome to happen.I could imagine a lot characters to be possible like Sophia, Master Higgins, Kirby or even Firebrand (I seriously hope Jay will include him one day). I personally this time find Pit to be less possible as the new character and I am sure you guys understand why.
  8. fire sonic power

    fire sonic power Level 7: Bloober

    Don't count on it kid, I wish that were true too.

    CHAOS_FANTAZY Level 6: Lakitu

    Perhaps we'll see the mode we've been wanting for a while: Final Boss, instead of Bowser, is a(n) in/famous boss from that character's series (e.g., Mega Man fights a Wily Machine/Capsule, Samus fights Ridley or whatever, and so on). After all, he did mention "big," and most of the bosses I have in mind are freaking huge.
  10. it's the blob :D from the 1992 Xmen Arcade game. :D

    fast forward to 3:45 in this video to catch the coin phrase started by this arcade gem.

    you can't get much bigger than the blob :D
  11. nicpen

    nicpen Level 5: Spiny

    Guys, the talk about Sonic, Kirby and Pit is getting kind of dumb. So far, all of the work that Jay's put into the game is to make the game like he had originally envisioned. There are two characters that he has wanted to put in even before he uploaded the original. He hasn't added those yet. What makes you think Sonic, Kirby or Pit will make it in before the characters that Jay has said he wants in the game?

  12. there is nicpen with his constant negativaty again. and yet. he said nothing about the blog being dumb. i love sonic, I love kirby and i love pit. why do you gotta be negative about something nicpen, just because you don't agree with it? sometimes things we don't agree with shock us and amaze us and turn out to be wonderful... so please don't be so negative.
  13. fire sonic power

    fire sonic power Level 7: Bloober

    Seriously stop the negativity. We can all dream sometimes dont ya think?

  14. nicpen

    nicpen Level 5: Spiny

    I love Sonic, I love Kirby, and I especially love Pit. I never said they suck. It would be amazing for me if it turned out any of them were in the next release. I was just restating what Jay Pavlina said, and I said they probably won't be. I'm sorry for being realistic, but if you dislike it so much, then fine:

    Sonic, Kirby or Pit will make it into the next release.
  15. Urutsune

    Urutsune Level 6: Lakitu

    Well I can understand what you try to point at and most likely that sounds the mosty logical to you and probably for some others too. But you should notice the so far updates were the necessary stuffs. Like the difficulty settings or Rush for Mega Man which is example simply was a must since that is the way how Mega Man should have been from start. If you ask me Ryu is also kinda like a necessary character bevause of simple reasons.
    1. One of the most popular NES super stars
    2. His unique gameplay
    But true to be true he had it in mind to add it from start, BUT IT DOESN'T MAKE A BIT OF DIFFERENCE GUYS! (Oh boy, I love to use that line)
    And you should know that it is possible that since then Jay actually found a character who is maybe he finds a sooner better addition to the game because it may feature some very unique gameplay example. This is WHY I also said it a few posts before that at the current state there is quite some possibilites for the next character.

    Oh and guys... nicpen just basically said that he thinks those characters will be added in first and not that he hates the others or something. Though the way he said it could sound a bitsy harmful for some so I can understand it.

    You should just state out your opinion in a little bit nicer sounding next time nicpen.

    whoops... I worte my message bit too slow...
  16. i think, there is going to be .... somebody from a castlevania game maybe. or maybe some way to make it so simon has more than just an axe? or maybe link will get his step ladder?
  17. TheYO

    TheYO Level -1: Banned

    Michael Jackson. Here's a sprite.


    BURGERMAN Level 6: Lakitu

    Added lemonade.
  19. doom

    doom Level -1: Banned

    agreement ( why the fuck do we need ten fucking characters in one fucking post)
  20. you mean like on Toe jam and earl?

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